Modern Plague


F 1(A global map showing the distribution of the plague in 1998,

Figure 2




o      World Heath Organization reports 1,000-3,000 cases of plague each year (CDC 2006)


o      Outbreaks usually occurs in rural areas, like small towns and villages



       Continents reporting no cases of plague


o      Australia


o      Europe


       Except the extreme southeastern parts

       Last reported case was after World War II


       Continents reporting cases of plague


o      Africa


o      Asia


o      South America


o      North America


       Midwest to West coast

       Last urban plague epidemic occurred in Los Angeles in 1924-25

       Since last epidemic, cases are scattered and occur in rural areas (10-15 people/year)



    As of September 2006, there has been a suspected pneumonic plague outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The WHO has received reports of 1,174 likely cases, with 50 deaths. Tests are being run to verify this outbreak as the plague (WHO 2006).



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