what are they

A Magic Square is an arrangement of numbers from 1 to N 2, where N is the number of rows or columns, in an N x N matrix. Each number must appear only once such that the sum of the entries of each column, row, and diagonal is of equal sum. More formally, the sum of the entries yields what is refered to as the Magic Constant:

magic sum

The smallest Magic Square is a 1 x 1 square with entry '1':

1x1 square

The next simplest Magic Square is a 3 x 3. Let us see if we can try to create one on our own. Below you will see a 3 x 3 matrix with an entry already given. Your goal is to create a Magic Square using the numbers 1 - 9 inclusive. Remember, you can only use each number one time! I have also created an interactive Magic Square form to help you in the process.

Download 3 x 3 Magic Square Interactive Form (PDF, 52kb)

3x3 square


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