J Lo's I'm Glad

Assignment 5

In your Project 3 folder, make a 2-page website that discusses a music video that performs a "textual" transformation.That is, find a music video that adapts some previous "text" (film, tv show, etc.) In the first page of the site, analyze what changes are being made by the transformation. Try to find some principle by which the transformation is occuring, and note whether the transformation is explicit or left up to the viewer to discover. Also try to note any techniques that puts specific emphasis on some aspect of the video.

For example, in J Lo's "I'm Glad," the video makes extensive use of the various scenes from the movie Flashdance and the music video "She's a Maniac" that was made in support of the movie. She establishes the frame of the video as an audition in front of a group of "stuffy" judges who liven up during her dance. She uses the basic principle of fidelity to attempt to stay true to the Flashdance's combination of working class perseverance and sex appeal. One of the techniques that stood out to me was the quick repetition of her being splashed with water while she was on stage. This technique emphasizes J Lo's flashy sexuality through her appropriation and intensification of an iconic moment from the previoius text.