Keeping a soft-serve machine clean is very important to keeping it in working order. The list below details how to clean out a machine so that it can either be taken apart for morning maintenance or adding a new flavor once a flavor runs out. A machine should only have a sanitizing-water solution put in it when the yogurt has been completely emptied from it, either by leaving it on wash and draining or by use. Air tubes should be removed when a product is very low and can no longer flow through the hole in the air tube so that it can all be used. The machine is empty when it begins making a low wom wom wom noise, at which time it should be put on Wash.

  1. Turn the side or sides of the machine to be washed off of Auto (or Standby) setting and turn on the Wash setting.
  2. Prepare a bucket of cold sanitizing solution by adding ⅓ scoop of powdered sanitizer and two gallons of water in a clean bucket.
    • It is very important to use cold water in the machines and not to put the solution in the machine prematurely. Hot water can damage the machine and adding the solution early may result in it freezing in the chamber.
  3. Leave on Wash for at least 20 minutes.
    • At this point, if the machine is being washed for morning maintenance, place large, clean containers on the drip grates below the yogurt spouts and drain the liquid from the machines to be re-added at step 11. The freezing chamber and the hopper may contain more than one container of liquid, pay attention when draining.
  4. After machine has been on Wash for at least 20 minutes and is empty, pour sanitizer solution into the hopper that is to be washed.
  5. Let the solution wash for five minutes, using the large white brush that each store should have to clean out old product from the hopper.
  6. Drain solution into a separate bucket and dispose.
  7. Add a bucket of cold rinse-water and let it wash for two minutes.
  8. Drain and dispose.
    • If the machine is being serviced for its morning maintenance, and both hoppers have been drained of the rinse-water, this the point at which the machine (both sides) should be turned off of Wash so the maintenance can be performed.
    • Once the face has been replaced, resume with washing.
  9. Make a second bucket of sanitizing solution of cold water and sanitizer powder, turn machine on Wash and pour into machine.
    • It is advisable to pour a small amount of sanitizing water into each hopper prior to pouring whole buckets into them to make sure the face is securely sealed.
  10. Let sanitizing solution wash for 2 minutes and drain.
    • The machine is now clean and empty. If the machine needs to be shut down for some reason, such as the store is closing for a holiday or break, turn the machine off at the switch. If one side is being left empty to be filled in the morning, turn the side that is empty off of Wash and DO NOT turn it to the Standby setting at the end of the night.
  11. Add product, yogurt or sorbet, to machine, let it bubble down.
  12. Once the product has stopped bubbling down into and filled the freezing chamber, set the machine to the Auto setting. Product will be frozen and ready to serve in five to 10 minutes.