What can I do for you?

It might be better to cover this section using a different statement, because this section is all about why you should not hire me.

Q: Are you looking for quality work?

If your answer is "no," then you should not hire me. I believe in giving each article and client the best work I can do, not just the best work for the price I'm getting paid.

Q: Do you want a website filled with unrelated meta tags so people will "stumble" upon your site?

If you answered "yes," you definitely don't want to hire me. I don't believe in tricking people or false advertising. If you ask any past clients or close friends they'll tell you one of my most used phrases is "I'm not going to lie to you..."

Q: Do you want advice from an experienced web designer/content writer or something that just looks pretty?

If you only answered "something that just looks pretty," you probably don't want to hire me. I believe that just looking pretty isn't enough when trying to please your potential customers. There isn't a lot that goes into building a website, but there is a lot that goes into building a successful website. I build successful websites.

Q: Do you want a guest speaker who's going to pop out a lot of fancy sounding statistics and talk about what journalism was like way back when?

If you answered "yes," you really, really don't want to hire me. I'm 21 years old. When I started my path to a journalism career I started on both a PC and a Mac. I can't imagine what old newsrooms were like. When I ran my high school newsroom we sat around a couch, ate frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and looked up gross, but fun, facts when we weren't busy.

I can relate to the high school and college journalism students and freelancers because I was one just a couple years ago. In fact, I'm still in college! (But hopefully only until Spring!) I'm very down to earth with the people I guest speak for and treat them with the respect I know they're dying for, because I was too at their ages.

Q: Are you looking for something to wow your readers, future employers, or students?

If you answered "yes" to any of the choices above, I might be who you're looking for. I put my 100% into everything I do. I make quality work and speeches that will wow you and your potential readers, clients, or students.

There's a lot to consider when hiring someone to do work for you. If you've read over the questions and answers and still think I might be who you're looking for, e-mail me.