What am I all about?


As so many writers say, I was born to write. I am a freelance writer first and foremost. I generally write for magazines, newspapers and websites. I have been features in over four magazines and newspapers. My specialties are health and fitness, small business and animals.

Web Consulting

As a web consultant I work with my clients to create or guide them to the best website for their needs. I use a series of questions and examples to determine which design and features best represent their Internet presence.

Resume Builder

As the economy got worse, making yourself look good enough to hire became even more essential. I have been writing job-winning resumes for about four years. I build resumes appropriate for the type of professionalism needed and that make clients look good. I can also be available to do mock interviews and coach my clients to be ready for questions their future employers may throw their way.


As an expert about student journalism and freenlancing for young people I occasionally guest speak at schools and different events. I believe that reaching out to young adults from a first-hand experience perspective is important. With all the rumors whispering around about journalism and writing as a profession dying, someone needs to show the next generation that it's not. After all, if the next generation gets too discouraged to try to be writers journalism will die.

I can still be booked for the 2010 school year, but please let me know if you are interested in me speaking at least two weeks in advance.