About us

The University of Florida Linguistic Development Lab (UFLDL) is located in the basement of Turlington Hall at the University of Florida and is part of the Linguistic Department labs. UFLDL studies the acquisition of language in children and adults from various linguistic perspectives that understand language acquisition as primarily a cognitive process. We study the acquisition of syntax and its interfaces with other linguistic models such as semantics, morphology, phonology and discourse-pragmatics. We use various methodologies from off-line testing of grammatical judgments to online methodologies such as reaction time, eye-tacking, ERPs and fMRI imaging. The researchers affiliated with the lab conduct research on the acquisition of many languages including Romance and Germanic languages among others. Our faulty and students are supported by internal and external funding sources such as the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the National Science Foundation. National and International collaborations with other institutions and faculty are a regular and integral part of our research practices. If you are a graduate student interested in studying with us, we want to speak with you. You should contact the lab director, Prof. Rothman, by e-mailing him at jrothman@ufl.edu or any of the affiliated lab faculty..

Linguistic Development Lab
Turlington Hall,
PO Box 115454
Gainesville FL 32611-5454

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