Tourism English: Getting Around

This is a final project of TSL 6372, materials for use in teaching Tourism English at the English Language Institute. The topic in this page focuses on making trip arrangement by car, air, bus, rail, and sea and things related to travel agents or tour guide. Teachers can find not only online activities but also teaching ideas in a traditional classroom setting without technology.
I suppose that target students' English skills are intermediate or above and they study Tourism in their college.

By In-Kyung Yang



General Information of Tourism Industry/Travel Agent
Definition of Tourism (Wikipedia)
Outlook of Travel Agent (by US Department of Labor)
Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent ( by US Department of Labor), Ticket Agent by
Travel Agents Video (by
Career: Hospitality and Tourism
USA Travel Guide
Teaching Tips: Discuss works, and skills & abilities required to be a travel agent or any other job positions in Tourism that your students are interested in. Your students may probably know more than you because they study Tourism in college, but may not know how to put those things in English. This discussion will be helpful for them to write their English resume in the future.

Transportation in the U.S. (Wikipedia)

  Links Vocabulary ESL Listening Activities

By Air

List of Airlines
Flight Arrivals and Departures
Orbitz Flight Info
Travelocity Flights

Airplane Travel
Quiz on an airplane
Phrases at the airport
Travel Arrangement : This is a telephone conversation between a travel agent and a customer who wants to make a flight reservation to Finland. Refer to the sample lesson plan 1 for teaching ideas.
Airport Announcement : This is a airport announcement about the departure delay made by a ticket agent.
Travel on Sky Airlines : This is the captain announcement in the aircraft.
Airplane Travel : This is a long talk about tips from plane reservations to sightseeing destinations. This provides a script as well as a audio file.

By Car

List of Cars
Car Rental
Orbitz Car Rental Info

Car Rental
The Car (with audio)
Car (with pictures)
Taxi Ride : Students listen to the conversation and then answer questions. You may be able to discuss a tip to a driver because some countries do not give a tip to a driver.
Car Rental : This is a conversation between a car rental agent and a customer in a car rental store. The conversation is not like an authentic situation we may have in the real situation, but you can cover the necessary vocabulary for car rental, such as economy, full-sized, compact, and car protection plan, and functional words to rent a car, such as "I'd like to rent a car." "What is the daily rate of that?" What is the cost for the mileage?" and so on.
Family Road Trip : Podcast

By Bus

US Coach Tours
Travel: vocabulary of travel by air, bus, rail, and sea Bus Schedule
Tour of Kyoto, Japan : This is a bus tour guide's announcement.

By Rail
US Train Travel Tips
Train Tours
USA by Rail
Train Travel
Train Tickets : This is a conversation between a man who got lost in a city and a woman who gives a direction to use a ticket machine and how to use a train. You may want to discuss a train trip with your students. Is this a popular transportation in their countries? What about in the U.S.?
Getting Around Tokyo : This is a conversation between a man who gets lost in Tokyo and a woman who helps the man.

By Sea
The Cruise Web
Travel : vocabulary of travel by air, bus, rail, and sea Cruise Vacations : This lesson includes a short passage to read, questions to discuss, and online activities.
General Travel  

Tour Guide
Travel Survival


Teaching Tips : Discuss different modes of transportation available in the United States with your students. Ask students to compare them with those in their countries.

Transportation in Gainesville
Articles and Resources about Gainesville, FL: Travel and Transportation
BUS: Regional Transportation System (RTS)
Gainesville Regional Airport
Greyhound Bus : Greyhound Ticket Office in Gainesville
Bike: Gainesville Cycling Club
Hike: Walk around in parks
Teaching Tips: Make a group of three students. Give each student a task to find a way to get to Miami from Gainesville by car, air, or bus in the Internet. After the task, ask them to compare costs, traveling hours, and good/bad points and then make an agreement that which one they would suggest to their customer. Students should give at least five reasons to their decision. (The Internet access is required.)



Webquest : A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. In the ESL classroom, students can improve their English skills while they follow the procedures to finish the given tasks. In order to conduct these activities, you need to reserve a computer lab.

Proposal For Your Senior Trip : This webquest was designed for high school students to design a proposal for their senior trip to Orlando. But, it can be also used for ESL students to design a proposal with some accommodations.
Viva Las Vegas/ New York City : In this WebQuest, students are going to make travel plans for Las Vegas and New York city and compare them; then, decide which city they are going.
Imagination Voyages : ESL students work in groups of 2 to 4 to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon. They must stay within budget and plan all the days of their trip (budget and trip length are randomly generated). JavaScript is used to keep track of their budget and time usage.
English for Tourism : This site has good online activities for Tourism English.
Responsible Tourism in Maharg : This is a webquest for students of Tourism about a fictitious island, Maharg, which looks at ideas that some real organisations have for promoting responsible tourism.
New Hampshire Tourism Webquest :Students' task is to work as a part of a team to research historical, recreational, natural, weather, or transportation information about NH state.
Treasure Hunt: Museums of Los Angeles (Reading Strategy: scanning) : In this treasure hunt task, students can practice scanning strategy in reading because it involves searching rapidly through a text to find a specific point of information. Before doing the activity, students needs to know a purpose of reading and how this strategy can be used in their reading outside the classroom.




Transportation in Different Countries < South Korea/ Thai/ Taiwan >

Tipping Guide
Tipping Etiquette
Tipping Guide-1
Tipping Guide-2
Tips on Tipping
Traveler's Tipping Guide
Tips in Asia : I found that the article has wrong information about tipping in Korea. Koreans never tip 500 won in the hotels. It should be at least 1000 won, which is about 1 dollar. Nobody will tip 50 cents in the hotel in the U.S., right? The same there. As teachers, you may want to discuss how tipping cultures are different around the world.
Tipping By Geography & Profession
Etiquette Discussion Forum
Column about "Tipping Etiquette" : The column introduce different tipping cultures around the world.
Conversation Questions: Tipping : This gives you the prompts to discuss tipping culture with your students.

Functional Words in different languages
How to say hello in different languages
How to say several words and phrases in hundreds of different languages.
Cross cultural Activities

Politeness in Movies : Lesson plan
Could you do me a favor? : A role-play of requesting
Polite Expressions : Video lessons are included.
Requests (

Travel Articles in the U.S.
New York Times Travel
CNN Travel
Yahoo Travel Guide
The directory of Travel: North America
MSNBC Travel