Topic Making flight reservations
Level Intermediate
Skill Listening, Speaking, and Writing
Language Objective

Students will learn :

- vocabulary related to making flight reservations

- how to make a request politely

- how to make a reservation over the phone

- how to answer or make questions politely to customers


Handout (Dictation)
Computer with the Internet Connection and Speakers
(If these equipments are not available, read aloud the conversation script to your students.)


1) Explain key vocabulary and how to request (I'd like to~/ or use of modals: might, may, could, can) to students. You can also introduce airplane vocabulary.

2) Give out the handout to students and play the audio to have students fill out blanks. Play at least twice.

3) Have them work in pair to check the answers. Ask some questions to check their understanding orally. You may want to use questions in the listening activities. If they do not remember the detail information, play the audio again.

4) Pair up students to role-play the conversation with their partners.

5) Conduct Information-Gap activity. Pair up students. One student is a travel agent and the other is a customer.

6) Ask volunteers to come out to the front to show their role-play to their peers. You give comments to students after the role-play.

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Created by In-kyung Yang