Topic Tour Guide Speech
Level Intermediate
Skill Writing and Speaking
Language Objective

Students will learn :

- some important vocabulary and phrases that they can use with their English-speaking tourists.

- create tour guide speech


Computer with the Internet Connection and Speakers
(If these equipments are not available, read aloud the conversation script to your students.)


1) Go through activities from vocabulary to sample tour guide speech at English for Tour Guides.

2) Have students create tour guide speech. They can choose their own place or you can give them some examples, such as from the airport to the UF in Gainesville, or from an airport to an interesting place in their home town. They might be more comfortable to write about their familiar places. You can give this writing as an assignment.

3) After they finish writing, have them speak in the front. Ask other students to listen carefully to share their feedback about the stuedent's speech. You give the student feedback based on speaking rubric. Refer to the rubric links below.

4) Gather their writings and give some comments in the following class. Refer to writing rubrics below.

Rubrics ESL Writing Rubric
Teaching Writing (Ohio ESL)
Writing Rubric
Speaking Rubric
Rubrics @Web English Teacher

Travel Guide- Paris, France

Travel Guide - Los Angeles


Jamaikan Funny Tour Guide

Created by In-kyung Yang