Krishna Lunch at UF

Krishna Lunch is served.

Chances are, if you spend any time on the University of Florida campus, you're familiar with the daily event that is Krishna Lunch.

The long lines on Spaghetti Wednesdays. The jealousy of the cardholders who don't have to wait in those long lines. The chanting. The forks and knives that are so biodegradable, you could probably eat them, too. The mint lemonade. The "crack-like" salad dressing. The unlimited servings. The poor college students. The soft melodies behind it all.

But do you know who makes the lunch? Who plays the music? What the poor college students think of the lunch they're eating?

Hopefully, even if you've never experienced Krishna lunch at UF, this Web site will give you some idea of what it's like.

And if you're ever at UF on Wednesday, maybe you'll want to brave the spaghetti lines.

This video is from YouTube user tulasipriya.