Research positions


Computational Linguistics


2002 - 2005

SRI International NLP/Group Discern,  Menlo Park, CA


Computational Linguist




information extraction, retrieval and data content analysis


data oriented syntactic and semantic analysis of synonym substitution


semi-automated creation of large-scale English lexical databases


use of ontologies, domain-independent and domain-specific


semantics-to-knowledge representation mapping driven by domain-independent as well as domain-specific ontologies and inferences




dialogue modeling, intention recognition based on syntactic patterns and associated conceptual analysis


shallow semantic parsing


1994 - 1995

ICSI Berkeley/AI Group, Berkeley, CA





Research Associate











BeRP (Berkeley Restaurant Project): a medium vocabulary, speaker-independent, spontaneous continuous speech understanding system

natural language backend development

transformation of word strings into database queries by means of a template-filling dialog manager



June - August 1993

Berkeley Speech Technologies, Inc., Berkeley, CA




Research Associate and Consultant









text-to-speech conversion system, synthetic speech generation in multilingual architecture





1997 - 1999

University of Rochester, Department of Linguistics, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences



ambiguity resolution determined by the interaction of syntactic and lexical semantic constraints (garden path sentences, definite noun phrases and pronouns)


semantic-conceptual cues inherent in adjectives and prepositions in limiting the domain of interpretation for a subsequent definite noun phrase





joined work with Michael K. Tanenhaus (Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Department of Linguistics) and Gregory N. Carlson (Department of Linguistics)

























Cognitive Science









1990 - 1992


University of California at Berkeley, Institute of Cognitive Science




Research Assistant to Stephen E. Palmer (Director)



1988 - 1990


University of California at Berkeley, Department of Philosophy




Research assistant to John R. Searle



1987 - 1989


University of California at Berkeley, Institute of Cognitive Science




Research assistant to Paul Kay