Aspect: Theoretical and Cross-linguistic Perspectives.

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Aspect, Eventuality Types and Nominal Reference.  

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group (Garland): New York.




This book examines the interplay between the semantics of noun phrases and verbal predicates in the aspectual composition of sentences, with an emphasis on data drawn from English and Czech, and with comparisons to German and Finnish.  Three main theses are defended.  The first is that grammatical aspect and eventuality types (state, event and process) require a separate level of description, but they are related in so far as some of their semantic properties can be modelled in terms of the mereological ‘part-of’ relation (here, as a complete join semilattice), which is what accounts for their systematic interactions.  A second thesis is that the thematic structure of verbs motivates the seemingly disparate ways in which the interactions between verbal predicates and nominal arguments are manifested in aspectual composition.  Third, we can provide a unified analysis for such interactions within a constraint-based (or unification-based) approach to natural language description.














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