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Oliver Grundmann, PhD
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Teaching is always a two-way process - both for the teacher and the student. Both are coming together with the same goal - knowledge transfer. And although it might appear that the student is always the one who receives knowledge I believe that both student and teacher can learn from each other.

More information about the distance education programs offered at the University of Florida can be found here: http://www.distancelearning.ufl.edu/

More information about the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida, FL can be found here: https://pharmacy.ufl.edu/

More information about the College of Pharmacy at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ can be found here: http://midwestern.edu/programs-and-admission/az-pharmacy.html
Adjunct Assistant Professor (Midwestern University)
PSCI1323 Use and Abuse of Drugs

PSCI1357 Introduction to Forensic Science for Healthcare Professionals

PHID1502 Integrated Sequence 2 (team taught)

Clinical Associate Professor (University of Florida)
IDH2930 (Un)common Reads: Addiction

PHA5352 Herbal Medicines

PHA5781 Patient Care 1 (team taught)

PHA5782 Patient Care 2 (team taught)

PHA5784 Patient Care 4 (team taught)

PHA5787 Patient Care 5 (team taught)

PHA5789 Patient Care 7 (team taught)

PHA6556 Introduction to Clinical Toxicology

PHA6935 Epidemiology & Biostatistics in Clinical Toxicology

PHA6557 Clinical Toxicology 1

PHA6935 Organic Structure Elucidation

PHA6357 Herbal and Dietary Supplements

PHA6354 Natural Medicinal Products

VME6766 Laboratory QA/QC

PHA6840 Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs of Abuse

PHA6417 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2

PHA6432 Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
(formerly PHA5433 Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry)

PHA6444 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1
(formerly PHA5437 Medicinal Chemistry 1)

PHA6543 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
(formerly PHA5438 Medicinal Chemistry 2)

Teaching assistant (University of Florida)
PHA6354 Natural Medicinal Products

VME6766 Laboratory QA/QC

Teaching assistant (University of Florida)
PHA5943 Integrated Case Studies in Pharmacotherapy

Teaching assistant (University of Florida)
PHA5109 Pharmaceutical Skills Laboratory

Teaching evaluations
Anonymous teaching evaluations are available on RateMyProfessors and GatorEvals
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