Those international students who have been in the U.S. for several years and survived for their study and life are always the ones who have right to provide suggestions.

In the following recording, a Ph.D. student from Romania who is now enrolled in graduate school of UF talks about his early days as an international students, providing some suggestions for new comers.

PDF Transcript: "Experiences as an international student at UF and suggestions for new comers" (60KB)

international students

There are several suggestions for new comers from some successful international students.

1. Be patient. Time could be the right prescription for some problems, like language barriers and culture shock. Don't be too demanding on yourself. Slow down and make your daily tasks as simple as possible. But keep progress everyday. With time, you will adjust.

2. Keep an open mind. Get used to all the newness and get immersed into the new environment. Learn to lead a happy life.

3. Build a healthy life. Establish a routine for your daily life. Set up the time when to get up, when to study, when to eat and when to sleep. Also, get physical exercise. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind. 

4. Work on improving the English. Ask questions, and don’t be afraid to try.

5. Make some new friends. Develop friendship with classmates and professors. Attend some international student organizations or associations to broaden the social circle. Establish a supporting network of friends around you.

6. Look for help from institutions, for example the international center of your university, the department you belong to, or some student organizations.

7. Work hard. Don't forget you come here for study.