The future of education in the new millenium
What is DL?
Why do we need DL?
Who needs DL?
How effective is DL?
Factors affecting expansion of DL
Conclusion / Summary
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"The United States Distance Learning Association was the first nonprofit Distance Learning association in the United States to support Distance Learning research, development and praxis across the complete arena of education, training and communications. In 1987, the USDLA was founded on the premise of creating a powerful alliance to meet the burgeoning education and training needs of learning communities via new concepts of the fusion of communication technologies with learning in broad multidiscipline applications." (http://www.usdla.org)


"ICDL is an internationally-recognised centre for research, teaching, consultancy, information and publishing activities based in the UK Open University. ICDL promotes international research and collaboration by providing information from its library and databases" (http://www-icdl.open.ac.uk)


"The mission of the Center for Distance Learning Research at Texas A&M University is to provide timely and appropriate information on the development, application and maintenance of information technology systems. This information is provided through demonstration, training, publications and technical assistance. The Center’s services are available to all public agencies and private businesses who are interested in the welfare and education of people through the use of appropriate information technology and distance education." (http://www.cdlr.tamu.edu)