The future of education in the new millenium
What is DL?
Why do we need DL?
Who needs DL?
How effective is DL?
Factors affecting expansion of DL
Conclusion / Summary
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This site examines Distance Learning ('DL") and proposes its implementation as essential in overcoming the negative social issues and increased demand affecting the education system, today and in the future. Exponential population growth, the technology explosion, and a world economy that is increasingly knowledge-based and dependent upon information technologies demands that educators develop the teaching and learning programs for the next generation, as well as the continuing education and lifelong learning process required of a workforce besieged by change. Distance Learning is the cost-effective and educationally-effective delivery method for the next century.

The site defines DL and provides examples of DL delivery methods and technology. The use of DL as a means of keeping pace with the technology revolution is examined, as well as the benefits of DL to students, faculty, and administrators. DL's effectiveness as an educational tool is examined, and the pitfalls adversely affecting the expansion of DL are reviewed.