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Here are some helpful resources that I have used during my coursework and for my teaching.

The University of Florida.

The UF College of Journalism and Communications.

The UF Library System.

The MMC 2100 Web site.

The Poynter Institute has a number of great resources to improve writing and grammar skills.

Urban Planet is a great Web site dedicated to urban issues and trends in various U.S. cities.

It's important to stay well informed. Here are some links to some of my favorite newspapers and online news sources.

The Independet Florida Alligator

The Gainesville Sun

The Orlando Sentinel

The New York Times

CNN Online

MSNBC Online

Fox News

I found myself in the middle of Wall Street during a family vacation to New York City. Apparently I wasn't the only one who got stuck in traffic, and despite the cold weather, I did get to ride the bull market.
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