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Phaser 3610 Driver

There is a change to the UF eFax system.  To send a fax using email, instead of sending to #####@fax.local as was correct in the past, users will now need to send to See The Current Documentation.

November 8, 2022
Please be aware of the upcoming changes listed here:

UFIT Testing Disaster Recovery Plan – Tuesday, Nov. 29 Beginning at 10:00 p.m.
On Tuesday, Nov. 29, UF Information Technology will test its disaster recovery plan (DRP). The test will begin when UFIT staff physically remove a fiber connection to simulate a fiber cut on the UF Network.

Google Limiting Storage - Change to UF Google Drive Storage on November 15
Effective December 31, 2022, Google is applying a storage limitation to Google Workspace for Education. Learn about the changes coming to UF’s Google Drive on November 15:

Teaching TechXploration – Wednesday, November 9
Teaching TechXploration will be held via Microsoft Teams. The event features nine, 30-minute presentations on educational technologies and solutions to teaching challenges. Learn more:

Building Pedagogically Sound Courses Workshop on Dec. 8-9
The CITT is offering its two-day Course Mapping Camp in person on December 8-9. This hands-on workshop is designed to help instructors build a pedagogically sound blueprint for any course.


October 25, 2022

Changes Coming to UF GatorMail on November 1

On November 1, changes are being made to improve the security of UF GatorMail. The changes are listed in this UFIT News story:

Google Limiting Storage - Change to UF Google Drive Storage on November 15
Effective December 31, 2022, Google is applying a storage limitation to Google Workspace for Education. Learn about the changes coming to UF’s Google Drive on November 15:

Teaching TechXploration – Wednesday, November 9
Teaching TechXploration will be held via Microsoft Teams. The event features nine, 30-minute presentations on educational technologies and solutions to teaching challenges. Lear more and register:

Use NameCoach and Increase Equitable Access
NameCoach is an online tool that provides students, faculty, and staff with the ability to record the pronunciation of their names and to enter their gender pronouns. NameCoach is free for campus:

October 18, 2022

What’s happening: Changes are being made to improve the security of the UF GatorMail system. UFIT is implementing the suite of Microsoft 365 features into UF email, updating how faculty and staff manage spam. And for the first time, with these updates students can now use a spam filter with their UF email. 

Date of impact: 11/1/2022

This will impact:

Date of impact: 11/1/2022
This will impact:
*Faculty *Students *Staff

The details: Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022, a new method for managing spam in UF GatorMail will go live. The three bullets listed below are the changes included in this effort. More information on how to work with the new quarantine, spam, and the block/allow features are on the UF GatorMail website:

  • Spam quarantine notification emails will now be from quarantine@@messaging⁠⁠.​microsoft⁠.​com, rather than proofpoint-pps@@ufl⁠.​edu
  • The new web portal for managing the spam quarantine is known as Microsoft 365 Defender. The URL for the web portal is:  
  • The UF community can manage the blocking/allowing senders through options in Outlook

For more information, please visit: the GatorMail webpage on how to check for spam. Your local IT support can also assist you, as well as the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357,

October 10, 2022

Cyber Security Awareness Month – October 2022
Do you want to see Chief Osceola and Renegade to win the Cyber Bowl?  Neither do we.  Help UF beat FSU...Enter by 11:59 p.m. this Friday, Oct. 14: You could win tix to this year's UF-FSU football game just for entering your name and UF email.

Now Available: NameCoach – Increase Equitable Access at UF
Online tool that provides students, faculty, and staff the ability to record the pronunciation of their names and enter their gender pronouns.

Showcase of Instructional Support Services – Open House (Oct. 18)
Instructors can get new headshots taken or record a holiday themed message in UFIT’s multi-studio digital production facility, both offered free of charge.

October 4, 2022

Beat FSU!  2022 Cyber Bowl
Florida State’s Information Technology Services challenged UF to a Cyber Bowl, a game played on the virtual playing field. The Cyber Bowl is October 3–14 and set up like a football game with four “quarters” (four questions) related to social engineering. Play the Cyber Bowl today! Also, learn how you can be eligible for a pair of tickets to the Florida-Florida State game on Nov. 25.

Training Tomorrow: Learn to Use the UF Calendar
Free training offered on Wednesday, Oct. 5, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. for faculty and staff to learn how to manage event submissions, request a department calendar, and utilize features of the calendaring tool.

Fostering Inclusive Communities for Learning
This workshop focuses on helping instructors strategize ways to build an online environment where all students feel safe, respected, and comfortable enough to collaborate and learn.

Full-Service Video Production Facilities for UF
Is your dean or chair asking for a recruiting video?  In-studio, on-demand, and location shooting available to faculty, staff, and for department needs. Talk with us.

September 15, 2022

Important GatorMail Information

September 9, 2022

On October 1, 2022, Microsoft will deprecate Basic authentication in Exchange Online

August 11, 2022

Training Opportunities for You and the Staff You Support

Intro to R Data Analysis and Graphics
Fall course dates are August 29 to October 29. The course is free and open to faculty, postdocs, staff, and graduate students. Pre-registration is required by August 26.

30-Minute Recipes to Increase Instructor Presence - Monday, Aug. 22 │ 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
UFIT staff will explain the three dimensions of instructor presence, give demonstrations, and provide a handout so instructional faculty can prepare these recipes on their own!

Free AI Micro-Credential Courses for Staff
The Provost’s Office is making each four-hour AI Micro-Credential course available to faculty and staff at no cost. The discount code to receive FREE registration is: ufstaff.

Full-Service Video Production Facilities for UF
Is your dean or chair asking for a recruiting video?  In-studio, on-demand, and location shooting available to faculty, staff, and for department needs. Talk with us.
Special for UF/IFAS:

Need Social Media Content?  Here are Some Great New Videos to Share:

Use eduroam, Not UFGuest!
Students you support will have a much better Wi-Fi experience if they register their devices with eduroam. This two-minute video can encourage them to do so!


Maximize Eduroam Usage on Campus
Help students and faculty who use ‘ufguest’ learn the benefits of registering devices for using eduroam.

Course Accessibility Consultations Available
Faculty can schedule 1-on-1 consults to learn how to remediate material, making them more accessible.

Learn About the Smishing Epidemic
Everyone is getting them on their phone now. Help us educate your constituents.

Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing
A three-minute video that provides an excellent overview of popular social engineering techniques.

Avoiding Duo Mobile Hacks
If you weren't expecting a Duo notification on your phone--if you didn't just sign into a service requiring verification--then don't automatically approve. Watch this 80-second video to learn why!

Enable Privacy Settings
This two-minute video should you how to restrict what apps are storing about you, and how cybercriminals can take your profile info and browsing history and exploit them to their advantage.

April 2022 Canvas Assignments Updates <--LINK

UF Email Retention Policy

As part of the One UF IT rationalization initiative, UF spent the last several years transitioning to Microsoft O365, reducing 27 disparate email systems to one.  One UF IT gave us the opportunity to rollout the latest technology, and with that, the opportunity to rationalize the email retention policy, last updated in February 2016. As of July 1, 2022, the university’s email retention policy will go in effect for remaining UF email inboxes, including UF Health. Emails sent or received are retained for three years from creation or receipt.
Additional information is available at the following websites:

For UF Health community members who need assistance, please visit the IT Help portal to log in and complete a “New Service Request” (link on the right). For urgent support, please call 352-265-0526. For all other faculty and staff, please call (352-392-HELP/4357), visit (132 Hub), or submit a ticket to the UFIT Computing Help Desk.
Thank you and Go Gators! Elias.

Zoom Update: 4/25/22

Zoom will be providing a new version of our Mac, Windows, and Linux clients. They will be available for download at Zoom will also be performing a staggered release for iOS and Android on applicable app stores. This update will include minor bug fixes.

April 25, 2022

As the Spring semester winds down, we wanted to share a few resources with you to help wrap up your courses and get grades into ONE.UF. 

This guide on finalizing your gradebook in preparation for sending to ONE.UF will help you ensure that the grade displayed in Canvas matches what is sent to ONE.UF.  

The UF HR Grades Toolkit provides resources for faculty and staff who enter grades in ONE.UF and myUFL.  

You can watch this 50-minute webinar that covers finalizing your gradebook and sending grades to ONE.UF through Canvas.

You can also request an e-Learning consultation to ensure your gradebook is ready to send to ONE.UF by going to

Spring 2022 grading period is open and runs through Monday, May 2nd  at Noon.

The Registrar’s office is offering live, online grading assistance via Zoom. Please use this link to join either session.

Dates and times are as follows:


Regards, e-Learning Support Team

April 7, 2022

Saira Hasnain, Ph.D., Promoted to Associate VP
Saira will now also serve as deputy CIO.

Free, 90-Minute Tutorial: Optimizing Performance on the NVIDIA Platform
Thursday, April 14 │ 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

CIO Announces Two New Departments for UFIT
Two new departments created from the former Enterprise Systems unit of UFIT.

Course Development Assistance for Fall 2022
Please ask your instructional faculty who would like assistance to contact UFIT by April 30.



March 15, 2022

Spring HiPerGator Symposium – March 24 (Via Zoom)
Faculty from the University of South Florida and Florida International University; as well as UF faculty from Medicine, UF Health-Jax, CLAS, COE, COTA, DCP, IFAS, Pharmacy, and Wertheim, are presenting in the spring symposium. Registration is open to everyone in the UF community.

FY21 - UFIT Contributions Report
“I am extremely proud of the way our staff not only contributed to the university’s effort to combat COVID-19, but also that we could still support the campus with more than 300 completed projects and enhancements during this time period.”  -- VP and CIO Elias Eldayrie

New Flyers for 2022: UFIT Help Desk and HiPerGator
Download and share with your constituents.

New Video to Share:
Why You Shouldn’t Use GatorMail Email for Third Party Accounts:

Do you support staff new to the Microsoft Teams environment? Invite them to enroll:

Intro to MS Teams (March 22 │ 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.)!view/event/date/20220322/event_id/23684


February 22, 2022

Learn the Risk Assessment Submission Process (New Training)
The training focuses on the IRM process and responsibilities of system submitters, project owners, and the information security manager or technical contact listed on the assessment.  
Numerous Options for Video and Streaming
Record and stream lectures, discussions, learning material, and special events directly to computers and mobile devices. In addition to services for teaching and learning, UFIT offers a full media services menu for campus social, research, and administrative events.

2022 Tech Fair: Feb. 23-24
It’s this week! UFIT is partnering with the Career Connections Center this year. Great options for your students to learn how AI is used in the resume review process or get help for their online profiles.

New Videos

Why You Should Mix Up Your Passwords:


February 1, 2022

Understanding Social Engineering
First in a series of articles and content this quarter related to social engineering techniques. This article is great to send to students, either in full or parsing out specifics for social media content.

GO.UFL.EDU – UF’s Link Shortener Service
UFIT developed the service for use in online documentation, course modules, emails, websites, and social media posts. can be used with pages ending in “” and “;” and inside UF’s Zoom, Qualtrics, SharePoint, Gator360, and ExLibris environments.

Accessibility Training, Tools for Campus
We have two self-paced, online courses—one for staff and one for instructional faculty.  UFIT’s web services group also has a page of tips to help our campus in meeting legal compliance for accessibility.
Visit the full UFIT training schedule:

Experiential Tech Fair: Feb. 23-24
We are piloting a new format for this year, our ninth Tech Fair. The focus is how IT-enabled tools and services can get students to the next step. UFIT is partnering with the Career Connections Center this year on the event.


Course Reserves Fixed in Canvas

As you may have seen, a new Firefox update today has caused issues with some items in Canvas, with Course Reserves being one of them.  We have implemented a fix that will allow Course Reserves to work in all browsers by launching it in a new tab. However, we had to reinstall the tool to update it, removing it from your course navigation.

If you were using Course Reserves in your course this term, you will need to re-enable it by going to Settings > Navigation. It should appear at the bottom of the list. Click on the three dots to enable, and scroll back down to hit save. You shouldn’t have to relink your course in ARES to Canvas.

For those of you who have course reserves linked in Canvas, please read below. The browser issues that have been a problem have been resolved, but instructors will have to re-enable the course reserve link in Canvas. I am attaching the guide to activating the course reserve link in Canvas to this email- if you have any questions, please contact the Course Reserves unit at, or 352-273-2520


Embedded Mediasite Videos in Canvas

Due to a recent update to Firefox, some Mediasite content embedded in Canvas pages may result in an error screen telling students they may have hit the back button. This error was already occurring in Chrome and Firefox. Please read below to learn how to identify if your course is experiencing this error, and how to fix it.

What causes the error?
If Mediasite content is embedded into a Canvas page using the Canvas Embed tool, the HTML that is generated utilizes a method for displaying content that is no longer supported by major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)

How do I identify the error?

  1. Open Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Make sure Firefox is up-to-date.
  2. Sign-in to Canvas and go to your Canvas course page.
  3. When looking at a Mediasite video embedded in your Canvas course, it will display “Error” followed by a message that start with “you may be seeing this page because you used the Back button”

It is important to note that this error only effects Mediasite videos that have been embedded using the Canvas Embed tool. If your content was embedded using the Mediasite LTI or if you simply use sharable Mediasite links, your course should not be affected by this error.

How do I fix this error?
You have two viable options for fixing this error:

  1. You can re-embed the content using the Mediasite LTI. Instructions on how to do so.
  2. You can sign-in to Mediasite and copy the shareable link for the video in question and post it into your Canvas page.



Don't forget to download your Zoom cloud recordings
As a reminder, effective Jan. 14, any recording older than 365 days will be removed from Zoom’s cloud storage. Faculty and staff needing to preserve cloud recordings older than 365 days can download them to a storage destination of their choice or upload the recordings to UF’s Mediasite environment. 

January 11, 2022

Tech Resolutions for a Safer 2022
If you manage or contribute to a UF social media account, the bulleted list and image in this article makes great content additions.

GO.UFL.EDU – UF’s Link Shortener Service
UFIT developed the service for the UF digital environment such as online documentation, in course modules, emails, websites, and in social media posts. For use with webpages ending in “” and “,” and inside UF’s Zoom, Qualtrics, SharePoint, Gator360, and ExLibris environments.

Sampling of FREE Trainings Offered this Spring from UFIT:

Visit the full UFIT training schedule:

New IT Videos for UF:

January 6, 2022
Faculty, Students, and Staff:

Happy New Year! On behalf of the UFIT staff, I sincerely hope your winter break was a restful, joyous, and healthy time away from campus. We value our work together to support your teaching, learning, research, and overall business needs.
Phishing emails, with their malware and dangerous links, spike at the start of each semester. Did you know our information security systems block more than a billion phishing emails each year? Still, some do get through. That's why being vigilant on what you click on is so important.

Understanding the risk and being more intentional about what we click on has made a considerable difference for UF.

Maintaining the privacy of UF data and protecting the university's intellectual capital is dependent on all of us making informed choices when opening emails, especially those marked with the [External Email] banner.  Ransomware attacks were in the news almost daily in 2021. Details on how a ransomware attack works and the impact ransomware can have on our university, are explained by President Fuchs in this video recorded last fall.

University community members can continue to make a difference in their cyber-safety (also known as your "security posture") by:

  1. Changing compromised passwords and creating different passwords for each account. Here’s a quick way to check if you have any compromised passwords:
  2. Activating multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your personal email, banking, and social media accounts. Find which sites you use support MFA by visiting
  3. Deleting old social media accounts and other accounts you no longer use.
  4. Reviewing privacy and security settings annually on social media accounts and other sites at least once a year.
  5. Removing unused applications from mobile devices. Unused apps are like unused accounts--they store information that can be used against you if the account becomes compromised.

Elias G. Eldayrie - Vice President & CIO

December 20, 2021
Canvas New Quiz Tool

How do I create a quiz using New Quizzes?
Instructor Guide | How do I create a quiz with new quiz tool...

Canvas New Quizzes: Basics and Benefits on YouTube

December 14, 2021
Zoom, SPSS and Cyber Vigilance

Retention Policy Announced for Zoom
Inaugural policy starts January 14, 2022
Navigate to:

Free SPSS Sample Power and R Programming Courses Offered in Spring 2022
Earn a certificate with UFIT’s instructor-led and self-paced trainings
Navigate to:

Cyber Vigilance
Social Security card fraud scam
Navigate to:
Vigilance during the busy travel period
Navigate to:

December 9, 2021
Minimum Canvas Use

All Spring 2022 courses delivered through any means (face-to-face, online, etc) will be required to use the Canvas learning management system for at least the following purposes:

December 9, 2021

Retention Policy Announced for UF Zoom
A retention policy for UF’s Zoom service takes effect Friday, Jan. 14, 2022. Any recording older than 365 days will be removed from Zoom’s cloud storage. Users needing to preserve any cloud recording older than 365 days can download recordings to a storage destination of their choice. Users can also elect to upload Zoom recordings to UF’s Mediasite environment.

Deleted recordings remain in the Zoom trash for 30 days. To retrieve recordings that have been moved to your Zoom trash, log in to Zoom and follow the steps in the Recover a Deleted Cloud Recording document. After 30 days in the trash, a recording is no longer retrievable.

On July 15, 2022, UF’s Zoom retention policy will be reduced to its final state of 180 days. Please visit the UF Zoom cloud recording FAQ page for additional information. Faculty and staff with questions or who need assistance should reach out to their local IT support. Zoom users may also contact the UF Computing Help Desk.

October 26, 2021
Please share relevant content with your faculty, students, and staff:

Secure the Swamp
Answer Four Questions and Be Eligible for a Secure the Swamp / Information Security is our Shared Responsibility T-Shirt
Navigate to:

Improve UF Site Accessibility–Free Training (1-hour)
Honor World Usability Day by making a commitment to improve UF’s websites
Navigate to:

Prioritizing Usability in Teaching – TechXploration Event is Nov. 10:
Topics include designing usable Canvas courses, setting up learning analytics, improving student engagement with classroom response systems, and creating interactive course videos
Navigate to:

October 12, 2021 – UFIT Updates
Please forward relevant content to your faculty, students, and staff:

Recent IT News Stories for UF:

10-digit Dialing Becomes Mandatory on Oct. 24:
Navigate to:

Prioritizing Usability in Teaching – TechXploration Event is Nov. 10:
Navigate to:

Earn an AI Micro Credential @ UF:
Navigate to:

Tech Fee Grants – Submit Your Idea for Funding:
Navigate to:

Online Scavenger Hunt and More are Part of 2021 Cyber Security Awareness Month:
Navigate to:

Recent IT Videos for UF:

August 3, 2021 – UFIT Updates

Please share relevant content with your faculty, students, and staff:

May 20, 2021 – UFIT Updates
Please share relevant content with your faculty, students, and staff:

April 27, 2021 – UFIT Updates

Please share relevant content with your faculty, students, and staff:

April 8, 2021 – UFIT Updates

March 18, 2021

LSS wanted to let you know about some upcoming changes to Canvas happening over the weekend.

Course Date Override in Settings

The term date “override” button that allows you to open a course prior to the set term in Canvas is being updated with a dropdown menu. Now, to change the dates your course is opened and closed, choose “Course” from the dropdown for participation and then enter the start and end dates. If an end date is not entered, your course will not close and will remain on students’ dashboards.  If you currently have course dates overridden, those dates will still be in affect even though it may show as “term.”

Request Resubmission from Speedgrader

You will now have the ability to request a student to resubmit an assignment via Speedgrader.  Please note that if you have limited submission attempts and the student has reached that limit, this will NOT grant an additional attempt.

Webcam Submissions
Students will now have an option to do a webcam submission in assignments. This option will be available when you have selected Online Submission > File Upload as the submission type.

Manage Users/Instructor Tools in Chrome
Instructor Tools will now open in a new tab when you click on the link. This is to help address a security issue that was blocking the use of tools such as Manage Users and Photo Rosters in Chrome.  Please be sure to close the browser tab once you have finished using the tool.


March 16, 2021 – UFIT Updates 

Adobe ETLA Renewals Conclude on March 19, 2021
All Adobe ETLA licenses expired on February 24. Beginning March 19, all individuals with an expired license will lose access to their Adobe software. To avoid a service disruption, discuss with your department’s license manager (i.e., your software liaison) to confirm that the department licenses have been renewed. Anyone with questions is welcome to contact . The deactivation process is systematic and automated. After March 19, users must have an active Adobe license, or their software will stop working.


March 3, 2021 – UFIT Updates

Please share relevant content with your faculty, students, and staff:

February 17, 2021 – UFIT Updates

Let teaching faculty and those involved with instructional design know about this free training. First offering is in April.


January 26, 2021 – Reminders for Campus IT & Staff

  1. Simulated phishing emails
    UFIT began a year-round program of sending simulated phishing emails in fall 2020. There is no penalty if you fall for a simulated phishing email—it’s an opportunity to educate yourself and help prevent the theft of personal and university data.
  1. Information security awareness training
    A comprehensive audit of Florida’s public universities led to the development of a mandatory information security awareness training.  The training was launched in fall 2020, and you must complete it each year. Emails from myTraining will remind you when the annual completion of training is due.
  1. New way to report a suspected phishing email
    There is a phishing alert button available in O365 email for reporting suspected phishing messages. If your college or division has not yet migrated to O365, you can continue to forward any suspected phishing emails to
Many of us have been working from home at least part of the time since the pandemic began. Please check that you are securely sharing files and securing your devices. We have additional information security resources on UFIT’s Working Remotely website.

January 19, 2021 – Reminders for Campus IT & Staff

• Tech Fair Will Be Held Feb. 17-19. 

• New Videos from UFIT
There are nearly 90 short, helpful videos on UFIT’s YouTube channel. We’ve also created a Gator Student, HiPerGator and UF Research, and Canvas e-Learning playlists. January 2021 additions:

• Spring 2021 Research Computing Training


December 9, 2020 LSS updates
FROM: Joel H. Brendemuhl, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Dean
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences | UF/IFAS

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 8:37am

Required Minimal Canvas Usage SPRING 2021

All Spring 2021 courses delivered through any means (face-to-face, online, etc) will be Required to use the Canvas learning management system for at least the following purposes:

Required to use the Canvas learning management system for Spring 2021

  • Distributing and storing the course
    • Syllabus, along with any syllabus Updates
    • Maintaining student grades.
  • The only exceptions are courses set up as
    • Individual academic experiences such as
    • Directed independent study,
    • Supervised research,
    • Supervised teaching, and
    • Thesis or Dissertation credits
  • Instructors and/or course directors are also strongly encouraged to use Canvas for
    • Posting announcements,
    • Providing access to course materials,
    • Adding deadlines to the calendar,
    • Maintaining communication relevant to all students, and
    • Scheduling Zoom meetings.

These practices will help ensure that students who may be geographically dispersed and taking courses asynchronously have access to course content and provides an extra layer of security for Zoom sessions. Doing so will also allow for uniformity of the student course experience and will facilitate the process of making up of course work missed because of illness, periods of self-isolation, and other excused absences.



December 7, 2020 LSS updates

With Final Exams coming up, we wanted to send some reminders when using Honorlock for proctoring your online assessments:

As Honorlock is continuously updating their service and software should any students receive a message about their Honorlock Chrome extension being out of date, they can simply uninstall and proceed to install the newest version of our extension directly from the Chrome Store. 

Best of everything to you and your students during Final Exams. Should you have any questions or concerns with online proctoring please contact me at
Chris Newsom - | Office of Distance Learning | UF | Gainesville, Florida | P:(352) 294-0851     F:(352) 392-7049 |

September 15, 2020 – IT Updates for Campus

Enhanced Adobe Spark Subscriptions for UF
Extra features and benefits for faculty and students – please share with your constituents:

Beginning Soon: Simulated Phishing Emails
464,240,360 malicious emails blocked in 2019:

Exploring Machine Learning and AI @ UF
Everyone is welcome to register for virtual Fall 2020 HiPerGator Symposium:

September 10, 2020 – Canvas Update
Create Groups by Number of Students per Group

You are now able to create groups based on the number of students you want per group instead of figuring out how many groups you need.   When you make new group sets, you will now see this option!

When you do this, it doesn’t set the limit members option, so if you have people who’ve added to the course after groups are made, you can still add them to an existing group or create a new group for them.

September 1, 2020 – IT Updates for Campus

Simulated Phishing Emails Begin Soon
464,240,360 malicious emails blocked in 2019:

GatorCloud – Free Storage, Collaboration Tools
Let your constituents know – unlimited storage available via UF Dropbox, UF G-Suite:

Innovation for UF Teaching and Learning: Hyflex Classrooms
20+ HyFlex Classrooms debut this week: