There’s an option that faculty have for moving Zoom recordings into Mediasite that doesn’t require anyone to download the files and then upload them into Mediasite. UF IT recently enabled the Zoom-Mediasite integration, which when enabled in the meeting settings will automatically copy Zoom recordings into Mediasite. The steps are explained on Zoom Video Recording, under “Zoom with Mediasite integration”, but as a summary:

  1. Faculty will need to have a MyMediasite account (profile), and if they don’t have one they can easily request one using the VCS request form.
  2. When creating a Zoom meeting, turn on the option to automatically record in the cloud, under Advanced Options (recording has to be done automatically in the cloud for the Mediasite integration to work)
  3. Check “Yes” in the field “Import into Mediasite”
  4. A few hours after the Zoom recording is completed, a copy of it will appear in the “Drafts” folder in MyMediasite
  5. From there, faculty can move the recordings into a channel or shared folder that Dave has access to so he can manage them (the faculty would just need to click on the presentation, click “Move To” on the right menu, and choose the desired folder)
  6. Changing the “Import into Mediasite” setting to “Yes” in meetings that have already occurred and that have existing cloud recordings will copy the existing recordings to Mediasite once the meeting is edited with that setting change.

The steps are very simple and can be easily explained to faculty, and the fact that it works on both future and past cloud recordings means a lot of time can be saved in downloading and uploading files manually.

Keep in mind that UF IT has also recently implemented a retention policy on Mediasite videos, which is longer than the Zoom retention time but everyone should still be aware of: “After 12 months presentations will be removed from Mediasite.”