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Pathology and Histopathology Support

Pathologists from or affiliated with the laboratory are board-certified veterinary pathologists (American College of Veterinary Pathologists) and can provide pathology support including gross pathology and histopathology on a wide array of animal species used in experimental studies. If you are planning a study, it is best to discuss your project with the pathologist in advance to be sure that the appropriate samples and controls and optimal processing of the tissues are accomplished. The investigator should also discuss the type of histopathology report and any scoring or quantitation of lesions needed at the end of the study as well as any supporting photography, immunohistochemistry or other special procedures that might be needed.

Toxicologic pathology support can be provided for non-GLP studies. Contract and inter-institutional aggreements can be established to support both small and large studies.

If you have fixed tissues from a project and need histopathology support including tissue analysis and photomicrographs for your manuscript or grant application please contact Dr. Castleman for advice and/or assistance. Submission forms are available.

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