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Board-certified veterinary pathologists in the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine provide comparative pathology expertise to investigators in the areas of:

Pathology Collaboration and Support for Studies on Animal Models Including Contract Pathology and Toxicologic Pathology

Collaborative histopathology and other pathology support is available to investigators who need pathology support for their toxicologic, infectious disease, gene therapy or other biomedical research.

Tier 1 Pathology Phenotyping of Genetically-Engineered Mice

Pathology phenotyping is available to investigators who are developing genetically-engineered mice (GEMs) that may have one or more mutations introduced to serve as a model of human disease or to explore gene function.
Phenotypic analysis that fully characterizes the function of genes in a complex environment requires increasingly more sophisticated tiers of functional and structural/molecular analysis. An important first step in analyzing phenotype is initial screening by a qualified pathologist for gross, histopathologic, hematologic and serum biochemical abnormalities in the animals with the genetic alteration (Tier 1 Pathology Phenotyping).

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