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The Karen Horney Papers at Yale

Inventory of Materials

[From October, 1993, IKHS Bulletin]

The following is an inventory of materials currently in the Karen Horney Papers. There are many more items yet to be deposited in the archive. I shall keep IKHS members informed of additions to the collection.

Donated by Marianne Horney von Eckardt and Renate Horney Patterson
  1. Adolescent diaries, in German, 5 volumes
  2. Ego Notebook, 1906- , in German, 1 volume.

  3. Notebook on children, 1912-1918, in German, l volume.
  4. Typescript (in German) of Karen Horney's adolescent diaries, 200 pages.
  5. Typescript of letters from Karen Danielsen to Oskar Horney, 84 pages.
  6. Photographs and negatives of Karen Horney and of family members, 2 manila envelopes.
Donated by Bernard J. Paris
  1. Preservation photocopies of the adolescent diaries, 5 volumes.
  2. Preservation photocopy of Ego Notebook.
  3. Preservation photocopy of notebook on children, 1 volume.
  4. Microfilm of the diaries and notebooks, 3 reels.
  5. Photocopies of four uncollected essays in German by Karen Horney.
  6. Additional papers, 1908-1934, including a biographical statement, letters of recommendation for the United States Immigration Service, marriage certificate, and student transcripts.
  7. Originals of Jack Rubins's interview notes.
Donated by the American Institute for Psychoanalysis of the Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Institute and Center
  1. Reprints of nine essays in German (with four duplicates) by Karen Horney.
  2. Photocopy of manuscript, "Pride and Self-Hatred in Neurosis," 52 pages, 1947. [these are outlines of an earlier version of Neurosis and Human Growth]
  3. Notes on Karen Horney's lectures, Chicago and Washington, 1933-35, 23 pages.
  4. Memoirs and recollections.
    • Copy of memoir of her experience with Karen Horney by Gertrude Lederer- Eckardt, 15 pages.
    • Copy of memoir, "Lionel Blitzsten and the Chicago Psychoanalytic Scene, 1932-34," 40 pages, and "Notes on H. S. Sullivan and Horney," 11 pages, by Dorothy Blitzen.
    • Copy of "Memories of My Analytic Training," 12 pages, by Ruth Moulton.
    • Copy of unpublished essay, "Karen Horney--Optimist and Liberationist," 23 pages, by Helen De Rosis.
    • "Recollections of Dr. Horney," by Akihisa Kondo, 18 pages, 1974.
    • Memoir by Gustav Hans Graber, 7 pages.
  5. Photocopies of interview notes by Jack Rubins for biography of Karen Horney
  6. Research materials collected by Jack Rubins, including folders on individuals, articles, reviews, and eulogies.
Donations to the Karen Horney Papers, Manuscript & Archives, Yale University Library (1999)

by Bernard J. Paris

Note: Items 1-25 were all found in Harold Kelman's papers at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health. They were given to me by Dr. Kelman's executrix, Natalie Jaffe, and I am donating them to the Karen Horney Papers.

Items 13 and 17 are translations of documents already in the Karen Horney Papers. Many of the previously unpublished items have now been published in The Therapeutic Process (1999), which I have edited for the Yale University Press, or will be published in The Unknown Karen Horney (2000), which I have also edited for Yale.

Since I have edited the published versions for style, organization, etc., the only access people will have to the original versions will be through the Karen Horney Papers. More information about the items I have published can be found in the headnotes in The Therapeutic Process and The Unknown Karen Horney. The collections of reviews contain material that would be very difficult to locate.

  1. Reviews of Self-Analysis
  2. Handwritten notes on Madame Bovary (for course Horney taught at the New School for Social Research.
  3. Enslavement in Marriage. Edited version in The Unknown Karen Horney.

  4. Notes on Fear. Probably from early to mid-1930s.
  5. Sadistic Love + manuscript notes. Edited version in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  6. The Achievement of Freud. 2 copies. Edited version in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  7. Understanding Personal Difficulties in a Period of Social Transition. Edited version in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  8. III. The Need for Human Intimacy. Draft of Chapter 3 of Our Inner Conflicts.
  9. Chapter IX. Consequences of Unsolved Conflicts--Resulting Fears. Draft of Chapter 9 of Our Inner Conflicts.
  10. The Misuse of Psychoanalysis + outline. Edited version in The Therapeutic Process.
  11. Restricted Applications of Psychoanalysis to Social Work + Abstract. Draft of subsequently published essay. Published version reprinted in The Therapeutic Process.
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Translations of documents already in the Karen Horney Papers
  14. Kursstunde. German original. Translation in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  15. Female Psychology Lectures III, IV, V, VI, VII. Much edited versions in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  16. Weitre Fragen Der Weiblichen Psychologie. German original + first draft of translation. Polished translation in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  17. Translation of Abitur examination results. German original in the Karen Horney Papers.
  18. Reviews of New Ways in Psychoanalysis
  19. Reviews of The Neurotic Personality of Our Time.
  20. Remarks on Love. German original. Translation in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  21. Maternal Conflicts + comments. This paper is mistitled; it is not about maternal conflicts. It appears to be a lecture from Horney's Chicago period that deals with some of the same material as the Female Psychology Lectures.

  22. Woman's Fear of Action. 3 copies. A slightly edited version was published as an Appendix to Bernard J. Paris, Karen Horney: A Psychoanalyst's Search for Self-Understanding (Yale 1994), and a more heavily edited version appears in The Unknown Karen Horney.
  23. Obituaries
  24. Harold Kelman's account of Karen Horney in response to a request by Joseph Natterson. See correspondence included in folder.
  25. Abstracts of talks, essays, lectures

  26. FBI files on Karen Horney
  27. Photos + letter from Louis Grote's daughter. Louis Grote was Horney's lover when she was a medical student at the University of Freiburg. There is a photo of Grote in later years and one of Karen and a woman whom I cannot identify from 1914.
  28. Photocopy of Karen Horney's doctoral dissertation (in German).
  29. Material by and about Horney from files of the American Institute for Psychoanalysis
  30. *Photocopies of letters from Karen Horney to her daughter Brigitte Horney. Brigitte was a famous actress who remained in Germany and lost touch with her mother until after the war, toward the end of which she took refuge in Switzerland. The originals of these letters are in an archive in Berlin; there is no set available in the U.S. There are two sets of numbers at the top of the letters. The circled numbers indicate my educated guess as to the order in which they were written; the other number indicates the order in which I received them. Copies of the letters were provided by Prof. Gerd HÝst Heyerdahl, a friend and biographer of Brigitte Horney, who donated the originals to a German archive. These letters are of great biographical interest.
  31. *Translations of the letters from Karen Horney to Brigitte. The translations were made by Christa Zorn and corrected by Renate Horney Patterson, Karen Horney's youngest daughter. I am including both a disk containing the translations (in WordPerfect 6.2 for DOS--but readable by WP for Windows) and a hard copy printout. The number in the upper left indicates my educated guess as to the letter's place in the chronological sequence; the numbers on the bottom right indicate the sequence in which the letters came to me.
  32. Notes from interviews conducted by Bernard J. Paris.
  33. Key to abbreviations in these and other interview notes by BJP:

    w/=with; w/i=within; HK=Harold Kelman; KH=Karen Horney; EF=Erich Fromm; NK=Norman Kelman; BH=Brigitte Horney; SS=Sara Sheiner;

    s-e=self-effacing; Mrs. L.=Gertrude Lederer-Eckardt; CT=Clara Thompson; Q=Susan Quinn; PA=psychoanalysis; AIP=American Institute for Psychoanalysis

    Included in this folder is a floppy disc containing biographical notes on Karen Horney from various sources (including some material that appears in hard copy form in folders 32, 33, and 34). Total of about 90 pages of notes. WordPerfect 6.2.

  34. Folder on Renate Horney Patterson. Contains a variety of notes, including from interviews, and some correpondence.
  35. Folder on Marianne Horney Eckardt. Contains a variety of notes, including from interviews, and some correspondence.
  36. *Translation of Diaries # 6: Ego Notebook. Translation by Andrea Dlaska, then of University of Innsbruck, now of University of Warwick.
  37. *Translation of Notebook on Children, by Andrea Dlaska
  38. *Translation of unpublished portions of diaries 3, 4, 5 (Adolescent Diaries), by Andrea Dlaska.
  39. A key to the symbols Jack Rubins used in his interview notes developed by Carolyn Geertz, who originally transcribed these notes.
  40. Note: Items 39-105 are folders that contain photocopies of Jack Rubins' shorthand interview notes and other miscellaneous material. Included are transcriptions of the interview notes that were made by Carolyn Geertz and corrected by Christa Zorn-Belde (now Christa Zorn). Beside each number, I shall indicate the name of the person interviewed.

  41. Interviews with unidentified people. Miscellaneous materials.
  42. Brief interviews.
  43. Valer Barbu
  44. Leonard Barshall
  45. Irving Bieber
  46. Dorothy Blitsten
  47. Walter Bonime
  48. Medard Boss

  49. Brigitte Swarinski (Horney's eldest daughter)
  50. Kathleen Burnatschki
  51. Elizabeth Clemmens
  52. Robert Coles
  53. Mrs. Cornelius Crane
  54. Ralph Crowley
  55. Dr. George Daniels
  56. De Martino
  57. Louis De Rosis
  58. Else Durham
  59. Marianne Eckardt
  60. Harmon Ephron
  61. Roy Grinker
  62. B. Joan Harte
  63. Rita Honroth-Welte
  64. Charles Hulbeck
  65. M. Isenberg
  66. Abraham Kardiner
  67. Norman Kelman
  68. Karl Kornreich
  69. Lawrence Kubie
  70. Elizabeth Lancaster
  71. Gertrude Lederer-Eckhardt
  72. Mrs. Marie Levy
  73. Dr. George Lewin
  74. S. Lorand
  75. Henry Lowenfeld

  76. Paul Lussheimer
  77. Ellie Marcus
  78. Judd Marmor
  79. Alexander Martin
  80. Eugene Marx
  81. Margaret Mead
  82. Ruth Moulton
  83. Hans Muller-Braunschweig
  84. C. Oberndorf
  85. Renate (Mintz) Patterson (Horney's youngest daughter)
  86. J. Pisetski
  87. Dr. Frances Pizitz
  88. Isidore Portnoy
  89. Paulette Goddard Remarque
  90. S. Rose
  91. Ernst Schachtel
  92. Dr. Hertz Seidermann
  93. Lester Shapiro
  94. Rose Speigel
  95. Esther P. Spritzer
  96. Katie Sugarman
  97. Mrs. Rose (Landers) Tannenbaum
  98. Clara Thompson
  99. Hannah Tillich
  100. Ursula Von Eckardt
  101. Edith Weigert
  102. Gertrude Weiss

  103. Simon Wenkert
  104. Barbara Westcott
  105. Alex Wolf
  106. Gary Zucker
  107. Bernard Zuger
  108. Separate carton

  109. Four notebooks of Sara Sheiner
  110. Tape of B. J. Paris interview with Wanda Willig--10/23/89
  111. Tape of B. J. Paris interview with Walter Bonime--10/21/89
  112. Tape of B. J. Paris interview with Norman Kelman--10/19/89
  113. Tape of B. J. Paris interview with Abe Pinsky--10/23/89
  114. Tape of B. J. Paris interview with Sara Sheiner--10/23/89
  115. Tape of radio transcription of Town Meeting on "Human Nature Can Change," with Harold Kelman, Fredrich Weiss, Paul Tillich, and Karen Horney. I found this at the American Institute for Psychoanalysis; it is not available in any archival collection, as far as I know. I have a copy of this.

I am donating the marked (*) items--30, 31, 35, 36, 37--with the understanding that they are not to be made available to others for a period of ten years from this date (November 10, 1999), after which their use is to be unrestricted. Their status should be changed to unrestricted use should I withdraw the restriction or should I die before the ten years has expired. I have flagged the marked folders by attaching a green paper clip to each

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