History of Lasagna

Diplomatic disputes on Lasagna's origin


Nobody really knows where Lasagna came from, but there have been some diplomatic disputes between England and Italy on its origin.

In 2007, The Daily Telegraph in London published an article on the origin of Lasagna. It stated that the researches studying the medieval cookbook found the recipe for a Lasagna prepared by chefs for King Richard II in 1390, which led to a conclusion that Lasagna was an English invention. However, the Italian embassy in London issued a denial to this, whereas Italian medieval historians tried to prove this point by providing records from 1316, which mentioned a Lasagna producer called Maria Borgogno. On the other hand, the article stated, there is an alternative theory which says that this dish originates from Ancient Greece, and it got the name after the "chamber pot" - lasanon. Some also said that it came from Ancient Rome, "where the phrase lasanon or lasanum meant 'cooking pots.'"

Nevertheless, Lasagna is today one of the most popular dishes across the world. There probably isn't anyone who hasn't heard of it yet. The same article from the Daily Telegraph states that, in 2004, Lasagna replaced Chicken Tikka Massala as Britain's favorite meal. The dish is widely popular in north-east African country of Eritrea.

However, a figure who would most likely appreciate Lasagna the most in the United States, is probably Garfield. It's believed that he was born in a kitchen of an Italian restaurant, where he developed a taste for Lasagna. :)