Quiz Builder

Quiz Builder is a simple Cocoa application for creating and printing multiple choice quizzes in Mac OS X.


  • Create, save, and print multiple choice quizzes
  • Table view allows you to see all questions in the quiz in a convenient table, and allows editing within the table. It is placed in a drawer, so you can open and close it whenever you want.
  • Customizable Toolbar
  • New in 0.1.1 - Text view with quiz text, for final editing of quiz before printing.
  • New in 0.1.1 - Preference Panel for setting fonts of Questions/Answer Choices

Known Bugs:

  • Some fonts in the font lists of the preferences may not allow text to show up, so parts of questions (or entire questions, sometimes the whole quiz) may show up blank in the text view. Picking a different font that will view, and clicking on "update" in the toolbar should work for now.

Quiz Builder is freeware, as it is still under development. It is stable and should not cause any problems.

If you find the program useful and would like to fund further development, see the readme in the disk image for details on how to contribute.


Quiz Builder version 0.1.1, 9/24/02

Quiz Builder version 0.1, 9/16/02


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  iPod 5GB

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