Submitted/Accepted Publications
  1. Integrated market selection and production planning: complexity and solution approaches , with W. van den Heuvel, O.E. Kundakcioglu, J. Geunes, H.E. Romeijn, and A.P.M. Wagelmans. Submitted. Abstract.

  2. Simplex-inspired algorithms for solving a class of convex programming problems , with H.E. Romeijn. Submitted. Abstract .

  3. Integrating facility location and production planning, with H.E. Romeijn, Z.-J. Shen, and J. Zhang. Submitted. Abstract .

  4. A class of nonlinear nonseparable continuous knapsack and multiple-choice knapsack problems, with H.E. Romeijn and J. Geunes. Submitted. Abstract .

  5. A simplex algorithm for minimum-cost network-flow problems in infinite networks, with H.E. Romeijn. Forthcoming in Networks. Abstract .

  6. Graphical representations of clutters, with L. Traldi, M. Dinitz, and J. Gold. Forthcoming in Ars Combinatoria.

  7. Analysis of a class of nonlinear knapsack problems, with H.E. Romeijn and J. Geunes. Proceedings of the 2006 IERC .

Working Papers
  1. A branch and price algorithm for an integrated production planning and facility location problem , with J. Geunes and H.E. Romeijn. Working Paper. Abstract .

  2. A greedy heuristic for a nonlinear generalized assignment problem , with H.E. Romeijn. Working Paper. Abstract .

Invited Conference Presentations
  1. A Class of Nonlinear Continuous Knapsack Problems with Applications in Supply Chain Optimization
    Fifth Annual Florida SCALE Conference , February 2006, Gainesville, Fl.

  2. Analysis of a Class of Nonlinear Knapsack Problems
    IIE Annual Conference, May 2006, Orlando, Fl.

  3. Facility Location Models with Production Planning Considerations
    International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, August 2006, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  4. Solving a Class of Parallel Machine Scheduling Problems with Nonlinear Cost Functions
    INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 2006, Pittsburgh, PA.

  5. Integrating Facility Location and Production Planning
    INFORMS International Meeting, July 2007, Rio Mar, PR.
Contributed Conference Presentations
  1. A Network Simplex Algorithm for a Class of Infinite-Dimensional Network Flow Problems
    INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 2005, San Francisco, CA.

  2. A Branch and Price Algorithm for Solving an Integrated Production Planning and Facility Location Problem
    Sixth Annual Florida SCALE Conference , February 2007, Gainesville, Fl.

Research Interests