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Tony Soprano:

"Waste Management"

Tony Soprano:

As every year passes, the concern over waste increases steadily. The term ‘green’ has never been more popular. Individual people & society as a whole have been grossly polluting this planet for over a hundred years with little regard to the consequences. The lands have been graffiti-ed with litter. Drive down any street and you’ll find plastics bottles, aluminum cans, and glassware covering our countryside. Even if this garbage is hauled away by your local garbage man instead of littered, it is taken to a dump or landfill; left to rot with no future use in mind. With every passing day the problem just gets worse. There is more and more dump and soon we won’t have any place to put it. The people are finally concerned. Their mindset has finally changed. The world is crying out to be saved. Never fear sweet Mother Earth, leave it to Tony Soprano: “Waste Management” to aid in your rescue.

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