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Sunday, October 18,2009 This is Not About Piano but It is All Good

I was writing a six pages rant on how my life is bleek and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The website project makes me think that I'm probably better off died, yes just died. Just as I was opening my window and ready to throw myself out, a suddenly wonderful idea composed of Chopin, colors of the rainbow, and pina colada popped out of my head.

A comment box! Yes, a comment box will refine this lifeless boring website, and color my world the colors of dawn or dusk!

I never seize to amaze myself with my very own smartness. How could I possibly waste such a talent by throwing it out of the window? Most of all, how silly would it be to jump off the second floor especially without my Ipod?

Check out this black cat against the black background.

Stock photo is taken by melstock, and can be found here.

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