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Convergence (Fusion)
Top 10 Best Newspaper Websites
A better list of Top 10 Newspaper Sites



Research / Fact Checking
  • STATS -- Statistical Assessment Service -- is a resource on the use and abuse of science and statistics in the media.
  • Institute for Public Accuracy provides news releases that offer well-documented analysis of current events and underlying issues.
  • Center for Public Integrity: Researches and reports on public policy issues in the U.S. and around the world.
  • HealthNewsReview.org:  A  site dedicated to improving the accuracy of news stories about medical treatments, tests and procedures.
  • FrameWorks Institute: The mission of the FrameWorks Institute is to advance the nonprofit sector's communications capacity by identifying, translating and modeling relevant scholarly research for framing the public discourse about social problems.
  • Rockridge Institute (framing): The Rockridge Institute uses research in human cognition to help progressives make arguments that make sense to their audience.
  • Congresspedia.org  A wiki-based citizens’ encyclopedia on Congress hosted on the Center for Media & Democracy’s SourceWatch wiki.
  • Fedspending.org – a project of OMB Watch – combines data from the Federal Procurement Data System and the Federal Assistance Award Data System to create a free, searchable database of federal government contracting and spending.
  • The National Institute on Money in State Politics operates a searchable database of all campaign contributions to political campaigns at the state level.
  • GovTrack.us centralizes information on the legislative process into a Web site
  • LOUIS – The Library of Unified Information Sources – a project of the Sunlight Foundation – is a search engine that combs through seven different sets of government documents.
  • MAPLight.org provides a detailed analysis of legislation.
  • OpenCongress.org brings together official government data with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind each bill.
  • Open Community Document Review System provides an online review process that enables people to review, tag, comment on and rate the importance of government documents received by CREW through FOI Act requests.
  • Open CRS is a project of the Center for Democracy & Technology – aggregates Congressional Research Service reports that have been released to the public.
  • Open Hearings is a mini-site of schedules of current and future Senate committee hearings which includes links to live audio and video of hearings in progress.
  • OpenSecrets.org is a project of the Center for Responsive Politics – is the premiere source of data on money in national politics.
  • The Open Secrets Lobbying Database collects information from lobbyist disclosure forms and provides it the user in a number of searchable ways dating back to 1998.
  • The Open Secrets Personal Financial Disclosure Database has information from the personal financial disclosures filed by every member of Congress and every executive branch official since 2005.
  • The Open Secrets Travel Database alllows you to see who is funding travel by politicians and their staffs.
  • Project Vote Smart provides detailed information on politicans.
  • Taxpayers for Common Sense provides reports on pork barrel projects
  • VoterWatch combines C-SPAN video of Congress with the accompanying text from the Congressional Record to allow viewers to search the video for comments made by a member of Congress.
  • WashingtonWatch determines the average cost, or savings, per individual of each bill introduced in Congress by performing calculations on government estimates compared to the US population.

Media & Journalism Groups Societies & Association
  • OYEZ: An archive related to the U.S. Supreme Court, its justices, and its decisions. Requires RealPlayer and QuickTime.
  • The U.S. Constitution


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