Dr. R's Journalism Readings

Here are some readings we will be going over this semester. You will not necessarily be reading everything on this list, but it is here as resource for you. Expect that I will be adding to this as the semester proceeds. I hope you find the readings interesting and relevant. But another point of this list is to introduce you to the many resources available out there to journalists who want to keep up with what is going on in their profession.
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Editing Resources:

The Job of Editing: Accuracy & Assertions of Fact:
Truth & Objectivity:
Nuts & Bolts of Editing:



Word Usage
Headines  Sources & Subjects & Story Ideas:

Sources & Subjects Story Ideas
A Method to Our Mathness:

Stats, Poll, Surveys
Ethics / Taste& Sensitivity / Diversity /  Ethics, etc. & the Web / Anonymous Sources:

Taste & Sensitivity
Ethics, etc. & the Web
Anonymous Sources

Freedom of Information
Sources and Shield Laws
Prior Restraint
Trademark & Copyright
Press Ownership, etc.
Getting Sued Readership: State of the Press:
Online & the Future of News:
Online Newspapers
Convergence (Fusion)
Social News / Social Networking
The Business Side
Citizen Journalism
Hyperlocal Journalism The Future of News
Writing & Editing for Online
Online Technology
  • The Broadband Fact Book: The Internet Innovation Alliance report covers Internet basics and access speeds, demographics of Internet users, broadband deployment in the US and abroad, the consumer and economic benefits of broadband, and the growth in Internet traffic. http://www.internetinnovation.org/iia/downloads/IIA_Fact_Book.pdf
Design - Print & Online:
Workplace Issues:

In the Newsroom
Management / Leadership