WiFi setup
   --Update driver

An excellent FAQ on the Atheros chipset driver is found at:

To install the driver do the following:

1. First, go to http://madwifi.otaku42.de/ and download the lasted version
of madwifi as either a .bz2 or .gz file.

2. Uncompress in a directory.

[root@blueox]# tar -xvzf madwifi-cvs-current.tar.gz

3. Make sure sharutils and kernel source are installed on
your computer.  To install sharutils, I just used synaptic(gui for apt-get), searched
for it and installed.  You could also just download the appropriate version

4. Enter the madwifi directory that you uncompressed.

5. Type as root:

[root@blueox]# make KERNELPATH=/usr/src/linux-2.6.10

where /usr/src/linux-2.6.10 is the location of my kernel

6. Then type:

[root@blueox]# make install

and if everything went well you shouldn't have any errors.

7. Reboot the machine.  During the searching for new hardware phase,
kudzu will(should :o) ) recognize that you have an Atheros wifi card
installed.  Select to configure the card any way you would like.
After that is complete, the machine will continue to boot and
network card will hopefully work without any other configuration.

8. If you do not have kudzu specified to run during boot, it should still
start the Atheros wireless module.  If for some reason the module doesn't
start, become root and type the following:

[root@blueox]# /sbin/modprobe ath_pci

***What works for me***
Ok this is what I have to do to get my WiFi to work.  After I booted
the first time with the driver installed, I opened up system-config-network, clicked on
Edit for the device and unchecked "Activate device when computer starts" 
Everytime my computer starts I go into system-config-network, edit the
wireless device, go to Wireless Settings and specify the SSID and channel of the network
I would like to connect to.  Wireless works perfectly with no problems. 
The only reason I don't have wireless start at boot is because I change networks
often using different SSID's and channels.

Update Driver

The driver for the Atheros chipset is constantly being updated.  To update the

1. First, go to
http://madwifi.otaku42.de/ and download the latest driver.

2. Follow the above instructions for installation.  Reboot and thats it!