Safety and PWC's
There are many safety issues involving PWC’s, for one it is not like a boat where there are places to hang on to and a boat is not prone to flipping over. Since the severity of the spot is great, each state requires different standards in order to operate a jet ski. Many states require a person less than 21 years of age to take a Boater’s Safety test in order for them to operate a jet ski. In many of the states a person has to be over 14 years of age in order receive a Boater’s card but there are states in which a person has to be 16 years of age, the age that a person can get their drivers license.

Size Matters
Jet Ski’s are very small compared to boat out on the water and are dangerous because of that. Not everyone is going to see a person on a jet ski. Also, because of its size there are less safety features on the chance of flipping, fire, or a break down. Most states require the operator to carry along with him/her certain safety devices on the chance of any emergency so they are not stranded on the water. It is also required by law that if a boater is in distress they must help. The size also plays a role in accidents, according to US Coast Guard statistics, jet skis represent roughly 10 percent of all boats, yet are involved in approximately 30 percent of all boating accidents.

Being in control
Stability of a jet ski depends on whether a person has a sit-down or a stand-up could greatly determine the stability of the watercraft. Sit-downs don’t flip very easily but it can still happen (I’ve done it) but stand-ups are even more dangerous because of the fact that a person is standing up on something that floats not much bigger than the person itself. This can cause problems as a person is flung into the water, and could injure themselves depending on how fast they are going.

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