The Good

Freedom on the water
     With a personal watercraft it’s just you and a 7-10ft. floating object that is completely open. The sense of freedom out on the water allows you to enjoy what you would otherwise not be able to see all at once. Being able to look around 360 degrees without anything around you is pretty spectacular.

The Luxury
     Not many people own personal watercraft like they do other things, so it’s a privilege if you own one and a treat if you go to rent one. I remember going to the beach and being jealous of the people out on the water being able to do that, now that I have one I really don’t ever want to get off. I love being out on the water because it something that I don’t take for granted like other things. Other personal watercraft owners will probably say the same thing since it’s a luxury not many want to take on.

Recreation for all ages
     Personal watercrafts are suitable for all age groups (except those younger than 5). Even though you cannot operate one until you are around 14 or 16 (depends on where you live), anyone can ride on a PWC and enjoy the experience. Yes it is more fun to operate one by your self but safety comes first, as with any high risk activity. Since the creation of the sit down, anyone of any age (over 14), size, or shape can enjoy being out on the water since they are easy to control and operate.

Go where no one else can
     In some areas the only way to reach certain areas in the water is either by a personal watercraft or by a kayak. Because of its size and relative ease of control, personal watercrafts can go where normal boats cannot therefore creating the places one can travel greater than the average boater.

Small and Portable
     Going on vacation but don’t want to lug around a huge boat but want to enjoy being on the water? No problem, with a PWC that can easily be accomplished. Since most cars can tow around 1,000 lbs anyone that has a personal watercraft can take it with them on vacation. In the case of boats, a person would have to go to their local marina or ramp and haul the boat out whereas a PWC can fit inside of a persons garage.

Tight knit community
     The personal watercraft community is close and always around to help in case of problems. Even out on the water other operators are friendly and most will even allow you to ride their PWC; try doing that with a car person, it won’t happen. Internet forums provide information and solutions to many if not all watercraft ever made, even since 1973!

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