UF vs. UCF: Reasons why UF is Superior

Reason 1: National Rankings


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UF: 19

UCF: Unranked

UF ranked in the top tier for Best Colleges 2004. UCF is the in last tier. UF is ranked 19th among public universities in the nation and is approaching the Top 10 Public Universities list. UCF did not even make the list. UF is ranked 48st in the nation among all universities. UCF is ranked somewhere between 188 and 250. There, that settles it; UF is better. Doesn't this make any other reason pointless?
Source: US News College Ranking Index


Reason 2:Individual Program Rankings
(Note: US News discontinued the free access to College Rankings based on colleges so I am forced to use old data or else I would be infringing on their rights)


UF (2003)

UCF (2003)

43rd in Nation
29th in Nation
29th in Nation
45th in Nation
44th in Nation
All Unranked

A Closer Look at Business and Engineering


UCF Office of

UF Academics 2002
UF Business Programs and Departments
Business program rank: 23

Accounting: 10

Finance rank: 16
General management rank: 19
Marketing rank: 8
  UCF Academics 2002
UCF Business Programs and Departments
Business program rank: 128 (in 2001 only).

Currently Unranked.

UF Engineering Programs and Departments (with Ph.D. Programs)
Engineering program rank: 32
Aerospace Engineering rank (2002: 11)
Environmental Engineering rank: 13
Industrial Engineering rank: 16
Materials Engineering rank: 9
Nuclear Engineering rank: (2001: 6) Currently 9
  UCF Engineering Programs and Departments (with Ph.D. Programs)
Engineering program rank: Unranked.

(Odd, wasn't UCF supposed to be a technical school?)


At a recent career fair, I was able to talk to a Lockheed Martin representative. Lockheed Martin chooses the University of Florida as it's primary recruiting target for engineering. The next university is Georgia Tech. I cannot imagine why someone would chose UCF over UF or Georgia Tech in engineering. Note: On my friend's site, he implies UCF is better then Georgia Tech in engineering. lol.

  Reason 3: Athletics

Multiple Images of Current
UF Stadium Construction

(Click to enlarge)


Inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium's Skybox Lobby.

There is no better place than 'The Swamp'! That opening on the big screen with the alligator, it's the best ever. When the Gators run out of the tunnel, it is absolutely the moment of moments in college football."
- Lee Corso, ESPN College Football Analyst, FSU Graduate

I think it is a well known fact that to compare any of UF's athletics to UCF's is pointless, considering UF is an athletic powerhouse, but I'll do it anyway.
UF's football team competes every year for the national championship in one of the nation's top conferences (SEC) and UF has already won the National Championship. UCF is in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) which has not even existed a year. All the teams within the MAC has a cumulative record of 69-76. All the teams within the SEC have a cumulative record of 83-59. Under the Spurrier years, if UF is the first team to score a touchdown, UF is 94-9. Not too shabby.

UF's stadium (The Swamp) is one of the largest in the world, with most games having over 90,000 people in attendance including the new addition of 2,900 luxury club seats and 28 more suites. Unwavering UF fan loyalty and support has resulted in 22 seasons of sold out season tickets (2002). UF's average attendance for all the games in 2001 placed them 8th in the nation for a team with the highest average home game attendance. Florida Field is dedicated to UF's students who died in World War I.

The Swamp's new skybox

UCF does not even have their own stadium. They play in the Citrus Bowl! That's the bowl that the loser of the SEC East Championship plays in. It is much smaller than the Swamp, yet UCF still has trouble filling it to capacity. UCF's 2001 season was barely a winning season (6-5). UF's season was 9-2. UCF has not won a single game against a ranked team since they joined division 1-A. UF's other sports also rank higher than UCF's. This chart has hard core data on why UF is one of the best teams in the nation.

In reference to incorrect information at my friend's page, football did not exist in 1853. It was "invented" in the 1870's. Also, it did not take 138 years for UF to reach the pinnacle of football. For the record, UF football started 90 years ago. He also said UCF football has been around for 39 years, since the school opened in 1963. He is making up statistics, as do most UCF people. UCF football actually started in 1979, not 1963. He has changed his page now that I have his misinformation on my page. you hear that dave? Misinformation!


UCF quarterback Vic Penn hurries his throw to avoid a first half sack. This was the only time UCF has played UF, final score 58-27 (you know who won)
(September 11, 1999)

"UCF player runs away from man he needs to tackle" Penn State senior running back Larry Johnson (5) runs past Central Florida's DeMarcus Johnson en route to a first-quarter touchdown Saturday at State College. (UCF lost
(August 31, 2002)


UF Overall Sports Ranking: 4th in Nation
Source: CNN & Sports Illustrated



UCF Overall Sports Ranking: 128th in Nation
Source: CNN & Sports Illustrated


  And the ultimate reason UF is better than UCF in athletics:
2004 Football Schedule Results
7-5 0-11

Keep in mind UF's schedule is much harder than UCF's. UCF has even lost to teams in the 1-AA, and near the end of the 2004 season, the press said UCF was the worst team in 1-A. UCF even lost to Ackron, aka: the Zips 26-21. Before UCF, the Zips were one of the worst teams in the NCAA. Now they beat UCF! LOL.

And finally the best Athletic reason UF is better than UCF: In football UF played UCF and beat them 42-0.

Reason 4: Graduate School


Statue of former UF President Albert A. Murphree in front of Criser Hall

(Click to enlarge)

UF Graduate School
Percentage of UF graduates who pursue further study:
22% immediately, 81% within years


  UCF Graduate School
Percentage of UCF graduates who pursue further study:
17% immediately, UCF withheld the amount that continued within years.
Reason 5: Intelligence of Students
UF 2000-2001 Freshman Class Profile:

National Merit Scholars: 194
UF is 9th in nation for number of National Merit Scholars attending, second to Yale.

SAT Score Ranking: 92 Source

Top 10 percent of HS class: 66%
Top 25 percent of HS class: 89%
Top 50 percent of HS class: 100%

Average high school GPA: 3.7

SAT Middle Range: 1100 - 1320

ACT Middle Range: 24 - 29

  UCF 2000-2001 Freshman Class Profile:

National Merit Scholars: 32
UCF is 74th in nation for number of National Merit Scholars attending, second to Miami University at Oxford.

SAT Score Ranking: Unranked Source

Top 10 percent of HS class: 33%
Top 25 percent of HS class: 84%
Top 50 percent of HS class: 88%

Average high school GPA: 3.6

SAT Middle Range: 1050 - 1230

ACT Middle Range: 23 - 27

Here is the proof of how bad UCF SAT scores are from 1999-2002. If you go further back they get worse.
"UF is one of only a few universities that fills more than half of its classrooms on Fridays. The universities of North Florida, Central Florida, and West Florida, among others, have cut back on scheduling end-of-the-week classes, because of a lack of attendance... At a university like Florida where the students are fairly driven and the standards are higher, getting people to go to classes is never going to be a problem." - The Independent Florida Alligator and State School Data
  Reason 6: Campus Sports for Students
Students participating in Intramural and/or Recreational sports:

Intramural/recreational sports:
aerobics, badminton, basketball, canoeing/rafting, crew, cycling, disc golf, equestrian sports, fencing, flag football, folk dancing, golf, martial arts, racquetball, running, sailing, scuba, skateboarding, soccer, softball, surfing, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, triathlon, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, water skiing, wheelchair basketball.
Students participating in Intramural and/or Recreational sports:

Intramural/recreational sports:
badminton, baseball, basketball, bench press, bowling, floor hockey, flag football, golf, racquetball, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, volleyball, Wiffle ball, wrestling. (What the heck is Wiffle ball???)
  Reason 7: History and Tradition

University of Florida - A vast history spanning 150 years. UF was founded shortly after Florida was admitted into the Union. The University of Florida has always been there for the state. UF survived the Civil War, the Great Depression, two World Wars, and the Cold War. Two of UF's dorms have been declared historic sites. UF's on-campus nuclear reactor has also been declared by the American Nuclear Society as a historic site. The University of Florida helped tremendously with early Florida's agriculture and getting a man on the moon. Present goals include finding a cure for cancer. UF has over three times the number of buildings at UCF, and most of them are named after someone important. However, to go though the entire history of UF in a paragraph is impossible, so please check out UF's Sesquicentennial Web site. And for those UCF people out there, "Sesquicentennial", as a noun, means an 150th anniversary or its celebration.


University of Central Florida - A short history of less than 40 years. UCF dates back to the 60's. Hey, that's just like ITT Tech! UCF hasn't done much (compared to UF) for the state, as their age indicates. UCF buildings lack character and history. The name of their library is "The Library." Their arena is called the "UCF Arena". UCF, in a very odd move, will tear down their Arena, in spite of the fact is was completed not too long ago. Thank you UCF for throwing away my tax dollars!

  Reason 8: Size of Campus
  Florida has a 2,000-acre campus and more than 900 permanent buildings. The northeast corner of campus is listed as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.   UCF has a 1,415-acre campus and only 102 permanent buildings. Very few trees on campus.    
  Here is what that means for all those UCF students who think they are great in math, but in reality just go to a easy school. UF's campus is 29.25 percent bigger with about 9 times as many buildings.    
  Reason 9: Campus Facilities

UF Marston Science Library (right) and Computer Science & Engineering Building (left)

(Click to enlarge)


UF Libraries

The UF libraries form the largest information resource system in the state of Florida, containing more than 3.6 million volumes, 6.7 million microfilms and thousands of full-text electronic journals. The collections are extensive, reflecting the array of subjects researched and taught at the university during the past 100 years. The collections include formats ranging from manuscripts to electronic texts and are distributed in libraries across campus close to the colleges and departments they serve. Library collections are accessed through the LUIS online system.

  UCF Libraries

UCF has one library which has 1.4 million volumes and 2.3 million microforms. Library collections are accessed through the LUIS online system.



UCF Library:
"The Library"

(Click to enlarge)


  Computer Facilities:    
  UF has 2,514 computers available to all students. More computers are available in your individual college.   UCF has 1191 computers available to all students. (Odd, wasn't UCF supposed to have a good CS department?)    
  Medical Facilities:    

UF Health Science Center, North Entrance

(Click to enlarge)

UF has Shands Hospital on its campus. Yes, we have an on campus hospital. It is one of the world's leaders in cancer and research. Medical Students can work there gaining valuable experience while working on their degree. The hospital is huge, it can dwarf UCF's 5 largest buildings. Shands Hospital Website UF also has an infirmary to help sick or injured students.   UCF has no real life facility to offer their medical students, that is, if they had medical students. UCF does not have a medical program. They do have a health center to help sick or injured students. Note: They think they have one of the best nursing schools. ha ha ha.    
Athletic Facilities: (This Category is a joke when comparing UF to UCF)    
  UF: One of the largest stadium in the nation. Five large Rec Facilities (Southwest Rec Center, Florida Gym, O-Dome, Norman Gym, Racquet Club Gym), many sports offered (See Reason 6: Campus Sports for Students).   UCF: No Stadium on their campus. One large Rec Facility That's right, just ONE! UF has 4, and 5 if you include a very old gym used for karate! One of our gyms (Southwest) is bigger than UCF's one gym! It has 6 full indoor courts, while UCF's only has 4 or 5. Pathetic! There are few sports offered at UCF as well. (See Reason 6: Campus Sports for Students).    
  UF: UF dorms are named after important people in UF history, such as Tolbert, Riker, and Hume. UF has apartment style dorms, honors dorms, special program dorms, some with climate control, all others but one have A/C.   UCF: Being a school that cannot compete on a national level, they name their dorms after the surrounding counties. Orange, Seminole, Brevard, etc. lol. They even have one called Academic Village! No UCF dorms have climate control but they all have A/C.    
  Parking Facilities:    
  UF has 11 parking garages. UF's ratio of parking permits sold to parking spaces for students is 1.09 to 1.   UCF has 3 parking garages. UF's ratio of parking permits sold to parking spaces is about 2.5 to 1.    

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