The above pages compare UF and UCF in all ways possible: academics, athletics, student life, etc. in an attempt to prove that UF is superior to UCF in every way. Please wait for this page to load, all the other pages use the same images on this page, so if you wait now, you will not have to wait later.

There aren't any anti-UCF pages. Why? No ones cares about UCF. UCF doesn't have a rival. UCF is trivial, insignificant, minor, irrelevant, of no consequence, not worth mentioning... You get the idea. Welcome to the first pro-UF, anti-UCF page, here at Omni Prime.

This page came into being because a friend of mine made a website which has a section that trashes UF. It is blatantly obvious that UF is superior to UCF in every way, but something had to be set strait with all his blasphemy. This page will refute every incorrect claim he makes and will give undeniable proof that UF is, and forever will be, the best university in the state of Florida. I will also put up facts unrelated to his that I believe to be relevant and UCF Jokes. Please do not flame on my forums saying that I fear UCF or anything along those lines because I made this site. I am stating now I made it because a friend made a website that tried to show UCF was better than UF.

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This page refers to the rankings of US News and World Reports, which is the premier source for college rankings. If you would like to know how they
came up with these rankings, click here. Other information on this page came from the UF and UCF athletic home pages. If you want to speak out about this page, you can do so on my forum.

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