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Purpose of Travel

Overview of Trade & Travel

The Crusades

The Silk Road

·         Constantinople Gateway of trade to the west

·         Silk road leads from Constantinople to Chang’an

·         Traders only traveled pieces of the road creating a chain of trade along the road.

·         Camels utilized as transportation, although when river travel was required the caravans switched to boats.

·         Caravans formed for protection against bandits along the route.

·         Brigands frequently tried to rob caravans due to the high price of silk.

·         Other dangers were warring armies fighting over the Silk Road, and plague.

·         Natural dangers included the heat of the desert, and sandstorms.

·         It was expensive to trade on the Silk Road, and those wanting to venture it normally had to get backing from a lender.

·         The Silk Road also benefited governments that controlled it due to their ability to tax the expensive good traveling along it.


This page compiled by Michael Polk for Professor Sterk's HIS 3931/REL 3938 course.