By: Gary Guillet, Ryan Martin, and Daniel Sapp

the effect of internal and external conflict on

the economic development of eritrea

*The basic overview of what we as a group found appealing about eritrea and why we chose it as our country of study*


*coverage on the effects of colonialism on Eritrea*

The early years of Eritrea: 1880 to 1945

*In this time period eritrea moved towards becoming an independent nation of ethiopia with intenal and external problems*

Post world war II to the 1980's

*how eritrea has used its independence to develop economically*

the present situation of eritrea


Use the Following LInk to browse diffrent data pertaining to Eritrea compiled by the CIA including information on population, government, economy, and more..

This webpage contains many images from Asmara, the capitol city of eritrea including many historical sites, and tourist attractions.

The next link contains an ethnolougue for eritrea, a list of all the languages spoken there and also the extinct languages

If money is your thing look into the next link which had images of the nafka, the paper money used uin eritrea.

To learn about the rastafarian religion, click on the image.. This does not necessarily pertain to eritrea but it is deeply tied to the life of emperor haile selassie and to see how the life of "His imperial majesty" still affects people today


I hope you enjoyed exploring this page and maybe learned a few things too.