Thursday, December 23, 2004

Party Personalities, Vol. II ... better late than never

Yes, after many moons I have finally decided to return to my blog. Over the summer I had big plans to start back up and even redesigned my website, moving from Blurty to Blogger as my blogging software of choice. Well as you can guess, I ran out of steam after making the move and never really got back into it. You can blame it on a deadly mix of apathy, school, and the holy trinity - Half-Life 2, Halo 2, and Doom 3.

I hope to update the blog at least 3 times a week, maybe more depending on what's going on.

And now for our main attraction, the second installment of Party Personalities - a collection of odd and humorous stories culled from weekend after weekend of partying in Gainesville:

Uberfashonable German Guys -These guys came to a party at Courtyards last semester. They were exchange students from Germany - and you could tell. There was just something about their clothes that made them stand out. It could have been their leather jackets or their oddly cut jeans, but it looked like they had just stepped out of a "hip" German discotheque. We ended up talking to them for a while. They said in Germany the public is as divided as we are about Bush and the war in Iraq, but the media over there tends to be more against the war than for it. They also knew about Turbonegro, apparently the band is huge in Europe, to the point of appearing in ads for jeans. It’s amazing how many obscure bands here in the states find greater success overseas.

Creepy Australian Guy- Keeping with my foreign theme, we met this guy at a party in Royal Village. We could tell from his accent that he was from Australia, so we immediately began to quiz him on all the dirty slang that he could think of. It was along the lines of "What do you call a boner, how about jizz, what about farting, etc. etc."” He was hitting on Michele, and she gave him her number. We left the party the same time as he did and we saw him saunter over to his ride, a HUGE LATE 80s MARK III CONVERSION VAN. Oh man. Apparently he called Michele non-stop for several weeks afterward. That’s what you get for giving your number to a CREEPY FOREIGN GUY WHO DRIVES AN OLD CONVERSION VAN.

WK Guys at Lambda Chi - Last year, we went to a couple of parties over at the Lambda Chi house since a couple of people on our floor had become brothers. They have these hall parties in which the main party is in the halls of their living quarters, and each room has a different theme/drink in it. One party we attended wasn't particularly special and we walked down towards the end of one of the halls to try to find something more interesting. Much to my amazement, I heard Andrew W.K. blaring from one of the rooms. We found a couple of guys in there chilling along with a random girl or two, and complimented them on their choice of music. We had a little sing-along and found out that they were going to the W.K. show in Orlando that was coming up pretty soon. Cut to a month later at the WK show, I had totally forgotten about these guys and they came up to me all excited - and I was happy to see fellow gator W.K. supporters. Andrew'’s music can bring together all kinds in the name of partying hard.

Pajama Party Girl - It was early in the night, and driving down the street we could see a pretty big party going on in one of the mini-backyards in the Courtyards. Neil walked in first, followed a little later by the rest of the crew, and I went in last. I looked around and everyone was in various states of undress and was booing us loudly. At first I was surprised, and then it hit me - A PAJAMA PARTY! Neil was already on his way out, and he looked pissed. "Let’s just leave." Outside he explained that he had made a b-line for the keg and already had a beer when he was confronted by the owner of the house and host of the party. She was already quite inebriated and also quite angry at us crashing the party. She slapped the beer out of his hand - spilling it everywhere and started yelling at him. When you receive a welcome like this I think it’s safe to say that its time to leave.

Neil Diamond Lambda Chi Guy - Sorry for another music-themed Lambda Chi entry, but this one is too great to leave out. The keg was in one of the rooms off of the main hallway, and it became the de facto hang out place for everyone. So we were hanging out there, going through the guy’s music selection on his computer, when for some reason the guy pushed us aside, intent on choosing the perfect song for the occasion. He double clicked and stood back with a grin on his face. I was expecting some tired and true club music, but what came out of the speakers was a surprise to us all. It was Neil Diamond! And almost magically - the majority of the room knew the words! We went through a round of "Cracklin’ Rosy" and "Forever in Blue Jeans" before the hoopla died down. Good times.


Anonymous said...

Yes Brian, I did learn my lesson that night. Never again have I given out my number to a foreign dude. Oh man, reading your blog has me missing Gainesville and its crazy parties. I am in need of a visit.

10:25 PM  
Madame DeBarge said...

Apparently, everyone else has parents who liked Neil Diamond as well. (as I try not to admit that I like him-better than liking a boy band, though!)

12:29 AM  

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