Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Ramble Ramble

So my friend Temi came to visit on Sunday. He left UF to join the Marines and is now officially kicking ass and taking names. He told us all about the guns and the training and how closely it mirrors America's Army (for future reference: the grenade launcher sounds much more "crisp" in real life). He also demonstrated hand to hand combat on me (much to my dismay) and almost made me pass out from a sleeper hold. Apparently a lot of the people in the marines are tools and I'm glad that Temi excelled. It was really good to see him, I miss hanging out and playing command and conquer and rainbow six 3 with him and Neil for hours. Good times. He is gunna be in the land of Arnold (California) for some time for schooling, and is going into electronics. I wish him all the luck in the world.

Speaking of Neil if you haven't been to his blog you are really missing out:

The Boorish Blog of Rev. Hughes

Although Neil seems to have a rather low opinion of the PC port of Halo, I have spent quite some time playing the demo online (on the fan-favorite Blood Gulch map) and it has been great. It took me a while to find a server with low lag but once I did it was awesome...better than the Xbox I venture to say. They added a new warthog that has some sort of cannon on it and a new alien mortar gun. I couldn't sleep last night and this kept me busy for quite some time. If the game wasn't 50 dollars I might pick it up. Oh well.

The Matrix: Revolutions comes out tomorrow and Neil, Alex, Mitch, and I will be there at 8:30 in the morning banging down the doors. I can't wait. I will definitely give my first impressions here after I see it.


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