Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Web (and I'm a douche)

Yup so I had a great long-ass weekend in Orlando. I saw Slayer then Poison the Well and Deftones, and managed to eat at Arbys more than is humanly healthy. I am lazy today so I'm just gunna post some interesting links:

First off, if you haven't been to Fark you haven't been on the internet. Fark complies all of the most interesting/weird/disturbing links of the day all in one handy website. It also hosts Photoshop contests that are downright hilarious. Bookmark it.

Penny Arcade is one of the premier online comics. Be warned, it is directed at geeks so it can be very odd.

This is basically just a website of a college kid, but he can be pretty funny sometimes.

Great website for late breaking news and info on the punk/emo scene. Updated multiple times daily.

I would put Homestar Runner on here but everyone has already jumped onto that bandwagon.

More to come later.


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