Sunday, November 16, 2003

Bu Bu Bubba Ho-Tep

This Friday I went to see Bubba Ho-tep, an indie film starring b-movie superstar Bruce Campbell. It was made in 2002, but only has recently been afforded a limited national release.

I can easily say that this was the most enjoyable film I have seen all year, and I cant remember laughing this hard at a movie in some time.

The story is centered on an east Texas nursing home and focuses on two of its most interesting residents. One is presumably the "real" Elvis Presley. He claims that towards the end of his career he switched places with the best Elivs impersonator in the world, so he could have a relatively "normal" life. His best friend in the home is a older black gentleman who claims that he is JFK, and that the CIA died his skin black to fool the public. Together they attempt to protect their home from a soul-sucking mummy from Egypt.

Now if that isn't a premise that is worth looking into, I dont know what is!

Although it seems as if a film like this wouldn't afford a solid plot or story-line, the characters are all very believable and really make you feel for their positions as helpless elderly folk with no real direction or purpose in the twilight of their lives.

I highly recommend this movie.


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