Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Trucker Hats = Satan's Crown

I went to a party last weekend at Random Apartment X in the Courtyards (I love how in Gainesville you can just walk into most parties and everyone is cool about it). Looking around through the sea of red cups, a group of girls caught my attention, and not in a good way. Two out of the four girls in the group were wearing foam trucker hats at a ridiculous angle, covering nearly half of their faces. Later that night I saw another girl wearing the same thing. WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS HOT? It looks as if you visited your grandpa earlier that afternoon and stole his hat while he nodded off in front of the Price is Right. And apparently your grandpa has a big head, cause his hat is covering your fucking eyes! Guys that wear them should have to write moron on the front so that it is even MORE obvious. Its hot to wear it on the lean isn't it? It makes you look cool right? No. You just look like you lost the instructions on how to wear a hat. You look like every other "trendy" "hipster" who has picked up on tail end of this fad. Trucker hats are meant for old men to wear ridiculously high on their head while waiting on the bench for their wives to finish shopping at Wal-Mart. They should say Budweiser or Skoal on them and be yellowed from age. Nothing else is allowed!

Gotta love the guy who is way too happy

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