Monday, October 27, 2003

Ramble Ramble

I was just looking at my schedule and I have a test on Friday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Wow. Oh well. I saw Scary Movie 3 today, and despite some extremely funny parts, most of the jokes just weren't funny.
Favorite scene:

Charlie Sheen: Hey get that railroad tie and put it up against the door!
Some Guy: ::pins Sheen against the door with the tie, hitting him in the crotch::
Charlie Sheen: No, my balls!
Some Guy: ::runs and gives two bowling balls to Sheen, hitting him in the stomach::
Charlie Sheen: No, JESUS!
Some Guy: ::runs and hands him a statue of Jesus::

Super Hot
Anna Faris is in this movie, and she is really hot.

Unsung Zeros play tomorrow at Eddie C's. Be there.


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