Thursday, October 02, 2003


After poking around on the internet for a bit, I came across something interesting. Apparently all of Coheed and Cambria's songs refer to this science fiction backstory that the lead singer has created. Its really epic in scope - so much so that there are plans to make a graphic novel about the story. The current plan is to release a total of four CDs that deal with the story:

The story will be a quadrilogy, which take place in this order:
1. The Bag Online Adventures of Coheed and Cambria*
2. The Second Stage Turbine Blade
3. The Inner Secret of Silent Earth: 3
4. My Dearest Apollo, Goodbye, I'm Burning Star: 4*
*=tentatively titled
(taken from the Co&Ca message boards)

I think that this is a really cool concept. Here's to a band trying something different. Not only are their songs great, but there is a cool story to tie them all together. There are theories all over the internet trying to interpret the lyrics and put together the story, and I find it truly intriguing. Be sure to pick up their new CD The Inner Secret of Silent Earth: 3 on October 7th.


Oh and BTW, if there is any reason to like this band - the fact that the lead singer looks like a beast but his voice sounds like he has been sucking on helium (very Rush-esque) is it.

The BEAST Returns!


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