Tuesday, October 28, 2003

i really liek when people speak 1337 on teh intarweb

There is a subculture on the internet (mainly gamers and other geeks) who uses a strange, almost alien-like style of conversing. Some call it l33t. Others call it dumb. I kinda like it. It is characterized by either spelling words with numbers replacing some of the letters, or more commonly - spelling words wrong on purpose (because they are so often mistakenly typed). Leet speak has become so cliched that most people use these words and phrases in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion. Here are some examples:

l33t, 1337 - leet as in elite, comes from early, experienced hackers who considered themselves to be an elite group.

pwned, pwn3d, pwnd - owned, when you win an argument against someone or insult them or beat them badly at something, you have "owned" them

suxor, sux0r, sux0rz - sucks

rox, r0xor, r0xorz - rocks

box, box0r - computer

hax0r, haxor - hacker

sex0rz - sex

joo, j00- you

fap, fapped - masturbation

woot, w00t, - a celebratory remark as in Woohoo!

teh - misspelling of the

evar - misspelling of ever

intarweb - internet

leik - like

d00d - dude

n00b, noob - newbie, a relatively new person to technology, or a particular game, program, etc.

phreak - freak, refers to old-style hackers who would try to hack phones and phone lines

lurk - to read message boards without posting in them

troll - someone who posts annoying and unpopular messages to message boards, as if to try to disrupt its normal functioning.

farked - when a website doesn't work due to heavy amounts of traffic from it being posted on the major link-news website www.fark.com

frag - a to kill someone in an online game such as Halo or Counterstrike

wang - wang

/(blank) - the blank can be filled in with anything, the / refers to the ending of something html code. It can read as end of (blank) - /rant means end of rant or end rant.

enuf - enough

I will probably add some more as I think of them.

Real life examples:

"Yes we know the site is fuxored. We have a crack team of of Hax0rz R0x0ring the B0x0r as we speak. Or whatever."
(using it as comedic device)
- Gabe from www.Penny-Arcade.com

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