Friday, October 03, 2003


Today I bought a used Dreamcast from EB. For $25 bucks it was a great deal, and I can download all the games I want off of the internet and not feel guilty cause its a dead system (though it pains me to say that). I brought it home and upon close inspection found it to be so dirty that it defies explanation. I spent at least 45 minutes cleaning the thing. I dont know how the slob before me managed it...but there was dirt and gunk inside the machine -- where the disk goes. WHY? HOW? I dont know. The controller took the prize - there was some sort of black sludge in the seam the goes along the outside of it, and I had to take a paper clip and scrape it out. ::Shiver:: This better be worth it haha.

DC! WOO + DIRTY BOOO = Sad Brian

I am currently downloading seven games, including the NES collection that has a total of 768 old-school Nintendo games. If this works, all my cleaning will be worth it.


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