Sunday, September 28, 2003


Yesterday I went to see a concert with my friend Heather in Jacksonville. Rufio was headlining with Over It, Northstar, and Motion City Soundtrack. We got there before doors opened and already there was a hefty line wrapping around the building. We waited there for about 20 minutes when we realized that everyone in the line already had tickets. The non-ticket line was on the other side of the building, and was as long - if not longer than the one we were currently in.


We trekked our way over to the loser line, and as if our luck wasnt already running low, they capped off attendance when we were 10 people from the door.

Double shit.

The night looked like it was going to be chalked up as a loss, but then something amazing happened. Heather's friend had talked to the guys from Motion City when they had been in town before, so she flagged down the lead singer who was hanging outside of the venue with the tour manager. After telling them our sob story (we drove 2 hours blah blah blah) thier manager looked around, and said "Ok follow him inside." We were shocked and took places behind the band as they entered the venue. We got in! And for free!

This was my first time seeing any of the bands and Motion City Soundtrack was the best by far. I had only really heard of them in passing before this concert, and it was my first real exposure to thier music. I was blown away by thier stage presence, and thier Moog (synth). For some reason I have a particular affinity for the synth, and this filled me with synthy goodness. By all means check them out. Great band, nice guys, nice glasses:

Hi, I'm wearing emo glasses.

The Moog player is insane

Hi, I kill people.


Anonymous said...

omg i have seen this guy in concert fucking crazy awsome.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

moog forever

9:39 PM  
april said...

i love this band.
wow that was a long ass time ago.
and obviously you dont use this blog anymore, but ohhh well. :)

4:57 PM  

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