Thursday, September 04, 2003

Ok I know... its been quite some time since I've updated this. Well I was doing a lot of stuff, I was getting ready for college, going to concerts, and my internet wasn't working. Here's a recap:

Before school started I went to two concerts, one was at a skatepark and I saw Mae, Unsung Zeros, My Hotel Year, Armor For Sleep, and Glasseater. Then I saw Mae and Armor For Sleep again the next week at the Social. Mae is probably one of the best new bands to come out of the Emo scene. Armor For Sleep has grown on me, I especially love thier title track "Dream to Make Believe". After listening to the new STD more, it is actually starting to grow on me. It might be slow and depressing and boring, but I cant get it out of my head. The new Andrew WK is also somewhat like STD in that he went in a totally new direction. His new songs lack the pervasive hooks that made his last album stand out. Not that this is bad, he just is going in a new direction. This is another album that I will have to listen to for a while before I can totally wrap my head around it.

Yellowcard is slowly becoming my favorite band. I just recently downloaded their performance on Pepsi Smash Shitathon or whatever its called, and they totally blew me away. You could tell that they were excited and appreciative as hell to be there. Some bands act like it is no big deal to be on TV, feigning indifference. Every single member gave everything they had on the stage. Yellowcard is earnest and real and they deserve everything that has and will come to them.

Living in the Keys complex has been an ok decision for me. I really like my roomates, but it seems that living in apartment-style housing sort of limits opportunities to meet new people. I really liked just leaving my door open in Hume and letting anyone walk in who wanted to talk. But its ok, I'll make due.

I'll definately be updating more often now that I am settled. Until then...


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