Sunday, September 28, 2003

Lite Night Musings

Its almost three in the morning, and I am still not asleep. Oh well. A couple days ago I bought Every Breath You Take: The Classics by the Police. Man, I really wish that I alive and/or cognizant of music when they were popular. Great stuff.

Out of pure boredom, and with some prodding from my friend Michelle, I started an account at Friendster It is some sort of online community builder that connects people with common interests, the more friends you have on it - the greater number of people you are connected to. Currently with one friend I am connected in some way with 25,000 people. Pretty cool.

My dilemma of the night: I really need some sort of music player. CD players will not cut the mustard anymore, I have lots of music and a CD with burned MP3s will not make a happy boy out of me. CD-based MP3 players are slow, clumsy, and they eat batteries faster than your moms pocket rocket.

The ideal:
Its so good I can almost taste it!
iPod, created by that mastermind - Steve Jobs. They can hold up to 30 gigs, are smaller than a cell phone, and the charge lasts over eight hours. The only problem is that they are expensive. The cheapest one I can find is a refurbished one from the Apple store for $229.

Me thinks its time to bite the bullet and buy the damn thing so I dont have to listen to the Hare Krishnas on the way to class.


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