Monday, August 04, 2003

Yup I suck at this

I worked from 11 to 6:30 today. It was ok.

Funny Manager Brian Story:
Brian was going to order pizza for him and Dylan and was going to have Dylan pick it up. Well Dylan walks in just as Brian is finishing up the order and says into the phone..."by the way, the person who is coming to pick up the pizza is going to bitch slap you." Both Dylan and the guy on the phone say "What?" and then he hangs up. Good Times.

Im going to Michigan on Wednesday for a couple of days. Our family has a cabin up there in the woods. It sounds shady but it is actually a nice place on a river. Quite a few members of my extended family are up there right now. I think it will be a lot of fun.

::Tech Section::
I put a new video card in my computer the other day (Radeon 9500 128mb OEM for $100) and its been giving me some problems. I've been spending the last couple of days messing with that and tweaking my desktop. I like those kinda things haha. I have definitely decided to get a photo printer so I can use my new camera (Canon Powershot S230 3.4 mp). I think that I am going to get the new HP 5650. For $150 I can get good quality borderless prints. I also am going to get a 10 gig Ipod. I can get them on for the student rate of $260, which is the lowest anywhere. I only have like 5 gigs of music so I think the 10gb version is the best. I haven't been playing too many games as of late. I think im going to try out the new Mario Golf game for the GC, should be a good multiplayer game.


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